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2014 2A, 3A, 4A State Track & Field Schedule
May 29-31, 2014  |  Mt. Tahoma High School

CONTACT: Brian Smith | WIAA Assistant Executive Director | bsmith@wiaa.com  | (425) 282-5242

 Thursday, May 29

Field Events
Time  Event  Type 
3:30pm  3A Girls Javelin  Finals 
3:30pm  3A Boys Pole Vault  Finals  
3:35pm  4A Girls Discus  Finals  
3:40pm  4A Boys Shot Put  Finals  
3:40pm  3A Girls High Jump  Finals  
3:45pm  4A Girls Triple Jump  Finals  
3:50pm  2A Boys Long Jump  Finals  
Track Events
Time  Event  Type 
3:20pm  WC Combined 1600m  Finals 
3:30pm  2A Girls 4x200m Relay  Prelims 
  3A Girls 4x200m Relay   Prelims 
  4A Girls 4x200m Relay   Prelims 
4:00pm  2A Girls 1600m Run  Finals 
  3A Girls 1600m Run   Finals 
  4A Girls 1600m Run   Finals 
4:30pm  2A Girls 100m High Hurdles  Prelims 
  3A Girls 100m High Hurdles   Prelims 
  4A Girls 100m High Hurdles   Prelims 
5:05pm  2A Boys 1600m Run  Finals 
  3A Boys 1600m Run  Finals 
  4A Boys 1600m Run  Finals 
5:40pm  2A Boys 110m High Hurdles Prelims 
  3A Boys 110m High Hurdles Prelims 
  4A Boys 110m High Hurdles  Prelims 
6:15pm 2A Girls 4x400m Relay  Prelims 
  3A Girls 4x400m Relay  Prelims 
  4A Girls 4x400m Relay  Prelims 
7:00pm  2A Boys 4x400m Relay   Prelims 
  3A Boys 4x400m Relay    Prelims 
  4A Boys 4x400m Relay    Prelims 

Friday, May 30

Field Events
Time  Event  Type 
9:00am 2A Girls Pole Vault Finals 
9:30am 2A Boys High Jump Finals  
10:00am 2A Boys Javelin Finals  
10:00am 4A Boys Triple Jump Finals  
10:05am 3A Boys Discus Finals  
10:05am 3A Girls Long Jump Finals  
10:10am  4A Girls Shot Put Finals  
12:30pm 2A Boys Pole Vault Finals  
1:00pm 2A Boys Shot Put Finals  
1:05pm 4A Boys Discus Finals  
1:10pm 2A Girls High Jump Finals  
1:15pm 2A Boys Triple Jump Finals  
1:30pm 2A Girls Javelin  Finals   
1:30pm 4A Girls Long Jump  Finals  
3:30pm  3A Boys Javelin  Finals   
3:35pm  3A Girls Discus  Finals   
3:40pm  2A Girls Shot Put  Finals   
3:55pm  4A Boys High Jump  Finals   
4:00pm  4A Boys Pole Vault  Finals   
4:05pm  2A Girls Triple Jump  Finals   
4:20pm  3A Boys Long Jump  Finals   
5:30pm WC Combined Throws Finals
Track Events
Time  Event  Type 
11:00am 2A Boys 100m Dash Prelims
3A Boys 100m Dash Prelims 
  4A Boys 100m Dash Prelims 
11:20am 2A Girls 100m Dash Prelims
3A Girls 100m Dash Prelims
  4A Girls 100m Dash Prelims
11:45am WC Combined 800m Finals 
11:50am 2A Boys 800m Run Prelims 
  3A Boys 800m Run Prelims 
4A Boys 800m Run Prelims 
12:25pm 2A Girls 800m Run Prelims 
  3A Girls 800m Run Prelims
4A Girls 800m Run Prelims
1:00pm 2A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Prelims 
  3A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Prelims 
4A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Prelims 
1:25pm 2A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Prelims 
  3A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
  4A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Prelims
3:30pm 2A Boys 4x100m Relay Prelims
  3A Boys 4x100m Relay Prelims 
  4A Boys 4x100m Relay Prelims 
3:55pm  2A Girls 4x100m Relay  Prelims 
  3A Girls 4x100m Relay   Prelims 
  4A Girls 4x100m Relay   Prelims 
4:25pm  2A Boys 400m Dash  Prelims 
  3A Boys 400m Dash  Prelims 
  4A Boys 400m Dash  Prelims 
4:50pm  2A Girls 400m Dash   Prelims 
  3A Girls 400m Dash    Prelims 
  4A Girls 400m Dash    Prelims 
5:20pm  WC Combined 400m  Finals 
5:30pm  2A Boys 110m High Hurdles  Finals 
  3A Boys 110m High Hurdles  Finals 
  4A Boys 110m High Hurdles  Finals 
5:40pm  2A Girls 100m High Hurdles  Finals 
  3A Girls 100m High Hurdles  Finals 
  4A Girls 100m High Hurdles  Finals 
6:05pm  2A Boys 200m Dash  Prelims 
  3A Boys 200m Dash   Prelims 
  4A Boys 200m Dash   Prelims 
6:30pm  2A Girls 200m Dash   Prelims 
3A Girls 200m Dash   Prelims
4A Girls 200m Dash   Prelims

Saturday, May 31

Field Events
Time  Event  Type 
9:30am 3A Girls Pole Vault Finals 
10:00am 4A Boys Javelin Finals  
10:00am 4A Girls High Jump Finals  
10:05am 2A Boys Discus Finals  
10:10am 3A Girls Shot Put Finals  
10:30am 3A Boys Triple Jump Finals  
10:35am  2A Girls Long Jump Finals  
1:15pm 4A Girls Pole Vault Finals  
1:30pm 4A Girls Javelin Finals  
1:35pm 2A Girls Discus Finals  
1:40pm 3A Boys Shot Put Finals  
1:40pm 3A Boys High Jump Finals  
1:45pm 3A Girls Triple Jump Finals  
1:50pm 4A Boys Long Jump Finals   
Track Events
Time  Event  Type 
9:30am 2A Girls 4x200m Relay Finals
3A Girls 4x200m Relay Finals 
  4A Girls 4x200m Relay Finals 
9:50am 2A Boys 800m Run Finals
3A Boys 800m Run Finals
  4A Boys 800m Run Finals
10:10am 2A Girls 800m Run Finals 
3A Girls 800m Run Finals
  4A Girls 800m Run Finals
10:35am 2A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Finals
3A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Finals 
  4A Boys 300m I. Hurdles Finals
10:50am 2A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Finals
3A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Finals 
  4A Girls 300m I. Hurdles Finals 
11:05am WC Combined 100m Finals 
11:10am 2A Boys 100m Dash Finals 
  3A Boys 100m Dash Finals
  4A Boys 100m Dash Finals
11:20am 2A Girls 100m Dash Finals
  3A Girls 100m Dash Finals 
  4A Girls 100m Dash Finals 
11:45am WC Combined 3200m Finals 
12:10pm  2A Boys 4x100m Relay Finals 
  3A Boys 4x100m Relay Finals
4A Boys 4x100m Relay Finals 
12:20pm  2A Girls 4x100m Relay Finals 
  3A Girls 4x100m Relay Finals 
  4A Girls 4x100m Relay   Finals 
12:45pm  2A Boys 3200m Run  Finals 
1:05pm 2A Girls 3200m Run  Finals 
1:30pm  2A Boys 400m Dash Finals 
3A Boys 400m Dash  Finals 
4A Boys 400m Dash Finals 
1:40pm  2A Girls 400m Dash Finals 
  3A Girls 400m Dash Finals 
4A Girls 400m Dash Finals 
1:55pm  3A Boys 3200m Run  Finals 
2:15pm  3A Girls 3200m Run  Finals 
2:35pm  WC Combined 200m Finals 
2:45pm 2A Boys 200m Dash Finals
3A Boys 200m Dash Finals
  4A Boys 200m Dash Finals 
2:55pm  2A Girls 200m Dash Finals 
  3A Girls 200m Dash  Finals 
  4A Girls 200m Dash  Finals 
3:20pm  4A Boys 3200m Run  Finals 
3:40pm  4A Girls 3200m Run  Finals 
4:00pm  2A Boys 4x400m Relay  Finals 
  3A Boys 4x400m Relay  Finals 
  4A Boys 4x400m Relay  Finals 
4:30pm  2A Girls 4x400m Relay Finals 
  3A Girls 4x400m Relay  Finals 
  4A Girls 4x400m Relay  Finals 

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