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Media Advisory Committee Meeting Summary |  June 10, 2015

Nathan Joyce (Kitsap Sun), Don Seabrook (Wenatchee World), Sandy Ringer (Seattle Times), Meg Wochnick (Olympian)
Conor Laffey and Andy Knapp
Social Media: Conor proposed a question to the group to see if any of the media organizations have a social media policy for their reporters.  The group reported that their organizations do not have a social media policy, but that each media organization encourages social media.  Nathan Joyce stated that he does not tag individual student-athletes in a post, but that some writers at the Kitsap Sun do. He shared that it was a personal preference.  Meg said she was cautious with interacting with students and only gave out her cell number to student-athletes to conduct phone interviews rather than collecting the student’s info.  The group does follow high profile student-athlete’s accounts for newsworthy stories.  Sandy stated that the Times would have mandatory social media training for photographers and reporters.   Don shared that the Wenatchee World photographers updates its Facebook Cover Photos and posts photos to the Facebook Gallery, but they hire a third party to monitor their social media streams.
Don reported an issue at State Basketball in regards to entering as a media member.  Most of the media enters through the 24-hour security entrance where the media pass gate is held.  Upon entry, the media is instructed to go to the main concourse to receive the actual press credential that allows them access on to the floor.  Conor reported that his concerns were expressed during the WIAA post-event evaluation and that the plan next year will be to ask all media to enter through the 24-hour security entrance and have the credentials at that location.
Tournament Central:
  The group shared that the primary source of information that they use is the brackets from Tournament Central.  The group asked that the Association make the brackets priority number one at State Tournaments.  A couple members shared that the 4A softball bracket was not updated as quickly and tweets were not sent.  The reason from the media standpoint is that the brackets assist the media in planning where they will be going next.
Softball:  Meg and Sandy were concerned with scheduling and fences for the Softball tournament.  The scheduling for the 16-team tournament is not consistent at all the facilities.  The fences for the tournament were also inconsistent from field-to-field.  The group was informed that a softball advisory committee would be created to discuss these matters with different stakeholders.  The group recommended that it should be consistent at each site.  The other concerns centered on the media area. Each site should have a section for the media with tables, chairs and power away from the general public.
Baseball:  Don expressed an issue with the media and umpires at a Regional Baseball game.  Don shared a story about being told by the home-plate umpire of an area where he could stand on the field to take pictures.  However, prior to the start of the game, the first base umpire tried to remove him from the field. The umpires had a conference to determine how they would handle the situation during warm-ups.  The umpires decided to allow him on the field, but told him he needed to remove his bag.  The field did not have a designated photographer area.  The group agreed that the tournament manager should create a photo area and that the information about photographers should be relayed to the umpires prior to the tournament
Track and Field:  Nathan discussed limited seating for media at the Mt. Tahoma Stadium press box.  With the NFHS Network taking up one room, it left the media with two rooms.  Each room was occupied with about nine people and media members were taking shifts on using table space.   Conor was going to explore the possibilities of creating more media space after visiting with the Tournament Staff.
Spring Schedule: Spring State Championships: Meg brought up the scheduling challenges that the Spring State Championships cause on the different media groups.  Conor was going to share the challenges with the staff and get a explanation to share with the group.
Conor informed the group that the WIAA Executive Board determined that the four-year cycle would begin after the completion of the current two-year cycle.
Conor shared the match-ups for the Emerald City Kickoff Classic.  The group discussed challenges the Association faces when creating the events (venues, match-ups ect).  The group weighed in and discussed intriguing match-ups for future events.
The group discussed the format to next year’s Hall of Fame.  Offered up a couple of recommendations for Conor to share with the WIAA staff.
Andy Knapp gave a brief overview of the Activities Matters initiative; an online resource that combines current programs the WIAA offers and expands the coverage to compile research of good statistics of why students should be involved in sports.  Andy informed the group that video testimonials would be created to showcase successful careers and highlight how activities shaped their careers.  Sandy shared that Jeff Hardy, Edward Jones Regional Manager, would be a great candidate for this initiative..

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