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Media Advisory Committee Meeting Summary | January 13, 2016

Media Members Present: Nathan Joyce (Kitsap Sun), Megan Wochnik (Longview Daily News), Allison Thomasseau (King 5), David Krueger (Daily Herald), TJ Cotterill (Tacoma News Tribune), Paul Beattie (Eli Sports)

Media Members Present via Teleconference: Greg Lee (Spokesman Review)

Recap of fall sports, overview of committee for new members including past changes stemming from committee (passwords for credentials, basketball stats for state tournament). Members of the committee introduced themselves and gave a recap of their fall seasons and preview of the winter.

Fall Information:
Conor asked for feedback from the fall tournaments. The biggest issue with Cross Country and Girls Swimming and Diving were the ability to get results in a timely manner and ease of access to those results. For cross country, the person printing off results was difficult to find. For swim, they were not updated on the website and there was not a runner for the printed results. TJ mentioned the app for results (Meet Mobile app) and said that it would be nice to have all results posted on this app (from district meets as well). The only issue with volleyball was in Yakima (1B/2B/1A) where photographers had difficulty getting photos due to courts in such close proximity. For soccer (and football) the only issue was with broadcast media rights fees for the first two rounds – Conor will follow up with Paul about speaking to districts about this.

At football, the main issue at the actual event was getting across the sideline/endzone and live stats during the semifinals. The group agreed that the archive added to the Tournament Central page has been helpful. The group discussed Tournament History and the only change would be to add a summary of total number of appearances, trophies, etc. instead of having to count them up. Conor mentioned a few changes the Tacoma Dome is making, including the addition of wifi, and the loss of the use of the SW VIP Room for the next year. One idea was that the Media Check-In could potentially be on the NW corner to create a combined space for gymnastics and wrestling.

Winter Tournament Needs:
Basketball: Conor addressed the issue with State B Basketball with two pass gates and assured it would be addressed. For 3A, 4A in Tacoma, the media will continue to list the players they want to interview after the game. Conor and Andy Knapp will pull the athletes and coaches the media want to speak to. Conor will monitor the seating. Committee members had questions regarding the status of the superintendents meeting about the possibility of returning to a 16 team tournament.

The addition of the vests to media on the field has been well received, except for Friday’s final football game when the person collected the vests at the start of the game. Conor will order larger sizes of vests as well.

Wrestling: Media is allowed on side closest to the fans, but they have to be sitting or kneeling. Conor met with wrestling managers and they agreed to let media utilize the middle area, but they must always be sitting or kneeling. Conor will make this a point of emphasis to let the media know this before the tournament.

Bowling: Conor will look into the policy regarding the access photographers have to the lanes. Currently it is difficult to get access for photographers even on the far ends, flash is an issue, can’t get a good angle, they’ve been told they can only shoot behind the bowler which defeats their purpose for being there.

Media Policy Overview:
Conor presented a policy proposal to address the media publishing video highlights on social media or its website during State Championship contest. There have not been any formal complaints, but technology is advancing and there is a growing concern for the groups who have paid for the broadcast rights. The group discussed the language that could be used in this policy, as well as possible restrictions, concerns and questions. The group agreed that the policy should only apply to in-game plays, not to post-game interviews. In addition, the group agreed that there should be a three-minute collective limit on the amount of in-game, contest highlights. Streaming of any sort during a game is not allowed. The consensus among the group was that each outlet offers something different post-game therefore no restriction is needed post game, but live streaming could be a problem in the future as technology advances. Most agreed that they’re lucky if they are able to post one short video at the end of a quarter due to time constraints and other responsibilities. Conor will rewrite the policy to address the concern about in-game versus post-game highlights, and resend to the group for approval.

John Miller spoke to the group regarding the new school classifications to be released on Thursday. Members of the group questioned why they didn’t receive any first round emails that the WIAA sends to schools with preliminary numbers. Conor and John both mentioned how quickly the numbers change as to why the media is not included in initial emails.

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