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Tournament Records

WIAA 3A Girls State Basketball Tournament Records


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Basketball Main

Individual Game 

CategoryRecordAthlete, School (Opponent)Year
Most Total Points42Sheila Lambert, Sealth (vs. Meadowdale)1998
Most Field Goals Made17Sheila Lambert, Sealth (vs. Meadowdale)1998
Most Field Goals Attempted30Airshay Rogers, Hazen (vs. Hanford)2009
Most 3-Point Field Goals Made7Stephanie Mitchell, Rainer Beach (vs. Clarkston)2004
Most 3-Point Field Goals Attempted16Jessie Hubbard, White River (vs. Tumwater)1999
Most Free Throws Made16 (3 tied) Cassidy Murillo, West Valley (Yakima) (vs. Rainer Beach); Kari Luttinen, Seattle Prep (vs. Kennedy Catholic); Whitney Best, Lakeside (Seattle) (vs. Wilson)2005; 2010; 2011
Most Free Throws Attempted23Robin Steele, Olympic (vs. Hanford)1983
Most Rebounds23 (4 tied)Most Recent: Adrianne Doyle, Elma (vs. Edmonds-Woodway)1991
Most Assists11 (3 tied)
Most Recent: Nichole Jackson, Auburn Riverside (vs. West Valley, Yakima); Mercedes Wetmore, Auburn Riverside (vs. Bainbridge) 2008; 2008
Most Steals10Nia Jackson, Sealth (Anacortes) 2006
Most Blocked Shots9 (2 tied)Alice Russell, Bainbridge (vs. Rainer Beach); Candance Chambers, Seattle Prep (vs. Fort Vancouver)2004; 2008

Individual Tournament 

CategoryRecordAthlete, School Year
Most Total Points128Sheila Lambert, Sealth 1998
Highest Average Points32.0Sheila Lambert, Sealth 1998
Most Field Goals Made52 Sheila Lambert, Sealth1998
Most Field Goals Attempted91 (2 tied)Sheila Lambert, Sealth; Khadidja Toure, Kamiakin* 1998; 2011
Most 3-Point Field Goals Made15 (2 tied)Sheila Lambert, Sealth; Claire Conricode, Holy Names*1998; 2011
Most 3-Point Field Goals Attempted43Angela Kallas, West Valley (Spokane) 1997
Most Free Throws Made34Jessica Schutt, Sunnyside; Kari Luttinen, Seattle Prep1990; 2010
Most Free Throws Attempted45Jill Mosley, Gig Harbor1991
Most Rebounds71Erika Johnson, Holy Names*2011
Most Assists29Nichole Jackson, Auburn Riverside2008
Most Steals22 (2 tied)Kopper Campbell, Clarkston; Stephanie Hart, Shorewood 1991; 1998
Most Blocked Shots21Alice Russell, Bainbridge2004
*Athletes had the opportunity to play a total of 5 games in the 2010-2011 tournament.

Individual Career 

CategoryRecordAthlete, School Year
Most Total Points300Nadija Morgan, Blanchet1995-98
Highest Average Points (Minimum 2 Tournaments) 25.2Adrianne Doyle, Elma1989, 1991
Most Field Goals Made116Nadija Morgan, Blanchet1995-98
Most Field Goals Attempted235Nadija Morgan, Blanchet1995-98
Most 3-Point Field Goals Made27 (2 tied)Jen Segadelli, Blanchet; Claire Conricode, Holy Names*1999-2001; 2009-2011
Most 3-Point Field Goals Attempted87Claire Conricode, Holy Names2009-2011
Most Free Throws Made76Christina Marshall, Bainbridge1987-89
Most Free Throws Attempted109Nadija Morgan, Blanchet1995-98
Most Rebounds167Takiyah Jackson, Lakeside (Seattle) and Franklin1992-95
Most Assists56 (2 tied)Kari Ambrose, Sehome; Lauren Shaughnessy, Bellevue1991-94; 2000-03
Most Steals54Nia Jackson, Sealth2007
Most Blocked Shots45Naomi Mulitauaopele, Sealth1991-94
*Athletes had the opportunity to play a total of 5 games in the 2010-2011 tournament.

Team Game 

CategoryRecordSchool (Opponent)Year
Most Points One Quarter30 (2 tied)Enumclaw (vs. Prosse); Meadowdale (vs. Squalicum)1995; 2004
Least Points One Quarter0Multiple Teams Tied
Highest Winning Score91Hanford (vs. Enumclaw) 1992
Lowest Winning Score26Prairie (vs. Woodway)1982
Highest Losing Score72Mt. Rainer (vs. East Valley) 2010
Lowest Losing Score17Kennedy (vs. West Valley, Yakima) 2004
Most Total Points153Hanford 91, Enumclaw 621992
Least Total Points51Prairie 26, Woodway 251982
Largest Margin of Victory57Auburn Riverside 78, Bainbridge 212008
Most Field Goals Made40Hanford (vs. Enumclaw)1992
Most Field Goals Attempted85Rainer Beach (vs. Peninsula) 1989
Best Field Goal Percentage70.5 (31-44)Aberdeen (vs. Eastmont)1995
Most 3-point Field Goals Made11 (2 tied)Rainer Beach (vs. Clarkston); Mercer Island (vs. Yelm)2004; 2009
Most 3-point Field Goals Attempted41Mercer Island (vs. Yelm)2009
Best 3-point Field Goal Percentage ( minimum 10 attempts)64.3 (9-14)Monroe (vs. Seattle Prep)2001
Most Free Throws Made32West Valley (Spokane) (vs. Franklin Pierce)1997
Most Free Throws Attempted50White River (vs. Meadowdale)1996
Best Free Throw Percentage (minimum 10 attempts)100.0 (11-11) Seattle Prep (vs. Black Hills)2003
Most Rebounds68Mount Vernon (vs. Sealth)1995
Most Assists25West Valley (Yakima) (vs. Mount Vernon)1999
Most Steals23Lakeside (Seattle) (vs. R.A. Long)1994
Most Blocked Shots13Cheney (vs. Lakeside, Seattle)1995
Most Overtimes2 (2 tied)Cheney 51, Centralia 49; Sealth 53, West Valley (Yakima) 511978; 1988

Team Tournament

CategoryRecord School Year
Most Points Scored276Kennedy2011
Highest Average Points67.0Hanford1992
Most Points Against254Kennedy2011
Highest Average Points Against75.0Bainbridge2008
Least Points Scored41Eastmont2002
Lowest Average Points Scored20.5Eastmont2002
Least Points Against45Lynnwood2011
Lowest Average Points Against31.0Sehome1987
Largest Margin of Victory94West Valley (Yakima)1999
Most Field Goals Made108Rainer Beach1989
Most Field Goals Attempted303Kennedy2011
Best Field Goals Percentage50.0 (70-140)R.A. Long 1981
Most 3-point Field Goals Made31Holy Names2011
Most 3-point Field Goals Attempted94West Valley (Spokane)1997
Best 3-point Field Goals Percentage (minimum 10 attempts)55.6 (10-18)Cleveland2011
Most Free Throws Made85Gig Harbor1991
Most Free Throws Attempted135Gig Harbor1991
Best Free Throw Percentage (minimum 10 attempts)82.7 (43-52)Ellensburg1998
Most Rebounds210Mount Vernon1995
Most Assists68West Valley (Yakima)1999
Most Steals60Kennedy2011
Most Blocked Shots30Sealth2005

Most Consecutive Wins10 (2 tied)Blanchet; Seattle Prep1995-97; 2001-03
Most Consective Losses6 (5 tied)Current: R.A. Long 1990-Present
Most Consecutive Team Appearances10Lakeside (Seattle)1986-95

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