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Bound For State Regulations

Bound For State Regulations
2014 State Gymnastics Championships

February 21-22, 2014 - Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall, Tacoma


During the school years ending with an even number, the 1A/2A/3A Meet with be conducted on Friday morning and the 4A Meet on Friday night. During the school years ending with an odd number, the 4A Meet will be conducted on Friday morning and the 1A/2A/3A Meet on Friday night.

State Meet Equipment
AAI Bars Extra-Wide Bars, Floor, AAI Vaulting Table, AAI Reflex Beam

All around qualifiers will be from schools which do not qualify teams. Individual event qualifiers will be gymnasts who have not qualified in the all-around allocations and will be from schools which do not qualify teams. Allocations will not be exceeded unless a tie occurs at the last allowable qualifying place. In the event of injury to a qualified competitor, the position will not be filled.

Admission –  1 per competitor, with a maximum of sixteen (16) passes per team 
                     3 designated school personnel (coaches, managers, athletic trainer, statisticians, etc.) 
                     1 supervisor

Qualified Contestant List School Administrators must submit the list of qualified the sixteen (16) competitors to the State Qualifying Meet managers by entering the sixteen team members on their school profile page through www.wiaa.com/mywiaa and clicking Tournament Registration under My Tasks. The school athletic director has access to this site. The deadline for submission is the Thursday prior to the State Qualifying Meet. Substitutions will not be allowed after the sixteen names have been submitted.
When a team qualifies to the State meet, that official roster will be forwarded with all the other qualified entrants to the State Meet Manager. The roster submitted at the respective qualifying meet will be the school’s roster for the State Meet. No substitutes are allowed. This information will be submitted to the State Qualifying Meet Manager at the beginning of your meet. The same sixteen athletes will be the only members allowed to compete at the State meet once the form is submitted to on the WIAA website.

Qualification Procedure – Gymnasts must compete in an event in order to qualify to compete in the next level of competition.

Qualifying and State Meet Competition General Rules

1. Current WIAA Rule Book for Gymnastics will be used at all Qualifying and State Meet Competitions.

2. Team Composition: A team consists of six competitors per event, including any all-around competitors, with five (5) scores counting, and a maximum of sixteen (16) competitors per team.
                a. All team support personnel (i.e. coaches, assistant coaches, managers, medical personnel, etc) are expected to dress in professional attire at all times while on the competitive floor or warm-up area.
                b. All athletes are expected to wear only their official team leotard or team sweats while on the competitive floor or warm-up area, including the march in, march out and awards ceremonies. Athletes in street clothes or other non-gymnastics attire will not be allowed onto the competitive floor or into the warm-up area. Coaches and medical personnel must have a visible WIAA credential in order to be allowed onto the competitive floor or warm-up area.

3. Team substitutions are permitted from within the sixteen person team roster submitted; once a gymnast is substituted, she is out of the event only.

Once a contestant has qualified for an event, participation is required in that event at the State Qualifying Meet and State Championship Meet. If the contestant does not compete then the contestant will be disqualified from the rest of the meet and the team shall forfeit all individual and team points earned in any event.

4. Entries and Registration: The Meet Director of each of the state qualifying meets will compile the list of qualifiers for the State meet and e-mail the list to the State Meet Director immediately following the qualifying meet.

5. Order of Competition
                a. The rotation order of individual competitors will be determined by the meet manager.
                b. The event order for each team session will be determined by a draw. The order of competitors on each team will be determined by the coach. 
                c. All-Around and Individual Event Qualifiers will be divided into equal groups at the discretion of the meet director with competitors from the same 
                    school grouped together.

6. Scoring
                a. Team Scores will be determined by adding the five (5) top scores from the six (6) competitors for each team per event: vault, bars, beam, and 
                b. Individual Event Scores: Judges may score to the nearest hundredth (0.00). The placement in the individual events will be determined by the 
                    average score for each competitor. All ties will advance to the next level of competition with the scores carried out to the nearest thousandth 
                c. Individual Event Averages - Each judge will compute his/her own start value. The score for an individual event will be determined from the 
                    judges’ scores. All judges’ scores (whether 2, 3 or 4) must be within specified ranges.
                d. All-around totals will be determined by adding the average scores of the four all-around events (vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor 

7. Scoring Procedure
                a. Entry cards shall be provided to the head coach of each competing team (one card for each event). Entry cards will be given to the event score 
                    tables prior to competition.
                b. Master Score Table –This table shall be isolated from spectators and other interference. The Master Scorer’s duties are to:
                        1.     Receive and check the accuracy of all event cards.
                        2.     Ensure accuracy of scoring program.
                        3.     Input any corrections in the scoring program.

                        4.     Determine team scores for each event.
                        5.     Determine the top sixteen (16) gymnasts (by their scores) to advance to the finals in the 16 entry tournament. Determine the top eight 
                                (8) gymnasts (by their scores) to advance to the finals the 8 entry tournament.
                c. Inquiries: Score inquiries are permitted in accordance with the WIAA Rule Book for Gymnastics.

Jury of Appeals
The jury of appeals will be comprised of the Meet Director, Meet Referee (President of Jury), Head Judge, a neutral Judge and a neutral coach.

Selection of Judges
a.     There shall be two (2) judges per event.
b.     The Meet Referee and all officials will be selected by the WIAA.
c.     The selections of the judges will be based on the WIAA Selection Procedure and judges must meet one of the following criteria:
                1.     The judge must hold a minimum rating of a USA Gymnastics Level 9.
                2.     The judge must have been an active registered WOA official in gymnastics in Washington for the most recent ten (10) consecutive years if 
                        he/she has never had a USA Gymnastics rating of Level 8 or higher.
                3.     The judge must have been an active registered WOA official in gymnastics in Washington for the most recent five (5) consecutive years if 
                        he/she has ever had a USA Gymnastics rating of Level 8 or higher.

Evaluation Form
The New Move Evaluation form is required on the floor. This New Move Evaluation Form must be provided to the Meet Referee for pre-meet discussion. A copy should be kept by the head coach to verify the actual difficulty attempted while his/her gymnast performs.

Results will be available on the WIAA website after each session and at the conclusion of the meet.

Meet Packets: Each head coach is encouraged to pick up the team packet at the coaches’ meeting.

Flash photography is prohibited during the State Meet. After appropriate warning announcements have been made, violators may be asked to leave the facility by the Meet Manager and/or Meet Referee.

Programs: It is the coaches responsibly to submit team photos and rosters by the published deadline. Souvenir programs may be purchased at the State meet. One copy shall be included in each coach’s packet.

Awards: The awards presentation schedule may be changed at the discretion of the meet manager.
                    Friday - Team, all-around and academic awards will be presented.
                    Saturday - Individual awards will be presented at the conclusion of competition.

Ties: In case of ties, all contestants will receive the appropriate place awards.


1.     Coaches are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and self-control at all times.

2.     If a coach persists in unruly conduct or inappropriate behavior, he or she may be warned. The team or individual gymnast from that team may receive a 
        0.3 deduction for each misconduct following the official warning. The Meet Referee at the Qualifying or State meet  and the Head Judge at the dual, tri 
        and quad meets shall assess the deduction.
3.     Consistent misconduct will result in the coach being removed from the competitive floor by the Meet Referee or Meet Manager.
4.     Coaches may not approach the scoring table at any time during the competition to ask for scores. This request should be handled by the Meet 

Participant Information for State Meet Announcer
Collect pertinent information regarding  the individuals and the team-- information such as years an individual has competed, highest past scores or all-around average, other relatives involved in gymnastics, past records, injuries and/or comebacks, etc. Be prepared to turn in this data sheet to the State Meet Manager on the first day of competition.

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