Bound For State Regulations
2014 State Basketball Championships - Hardwood Classic

March 6-8, 2014
1B, 2B - Spokane Arena, Spokane
1A, 2A - Yakima Valley SunDome, Yakima
3A, 4A - Tacoma Dome, Tacoma


Changes from the 2012-13 Basketball Regulations are indicated in bold type and shaded.

Hardwood Classic State Championships

Regionals at local sites: February 28 & March 1, 2014

Final Eight in each gender and each classification:                  March 6-8, 2014

1B and 2B        Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena

1A and 2A        Yakima Valley SunDome

3A and 4A        Tacoma Dome

Regional Schedule – The boys games will be played on Friday during the school years beginning with an odd number, and the girls games will be played on Friday during the school years beginning with an even number.

State Schedule – The boys championship game will be scheduled first during the school years beginning with an odd number, and the girls championship game will be scheduled first during the school years beginning with an even number.

Allocations - Allocations in basketball are made to the WIAA Districts.

Squad Sizes - 12 Players (must be the same 12 at each site; substitutions are allowed between the first round and the final eight)
8 designated school personnel (coaches, managers, statisticians, etc.)
1 medical personnel

WIAA Handbook rule 25.3.0 SUBSTITUTION OF PLAYERS IN POSTSEASON QUALIFYING AND STATE TOURNAMENTS - When a team qualifies for postseason competition, the school shall submit the roster to the appropriate tournament manager. Changes in the roster are permitted from one (1) level of competition to the next level except in baseball, basketball, football and soccer where changes are allowed between each round of play. (Example: Changes may be made from the league to the District qualifying event, from the District qualifying event to regional or first round event, from the first round to the second round, or from the regional event to the State event). No changes are permitted at that level once the tournament begins.

25.3.1 In the event of an emergency or catastrophe after the tournament begins, team members may be replaced if approved by the tournament manager, WIAA Executive Director or designee, thereby permitting a school to add eligible players to restore the team to the original number for tournament play.

Supervisory Passes
- The supervisory passes are intended for faculty members and school administrators serving as supervisors of student rooting sections.

Supervisory passes may be issued as follows:
1B, 2B, 1A and 2A schools: In addition to the principal and athletic director, one (1) supervisory pass may be issued by the
WIAA for each participating team.

3A and 4A schools: In addition to the principal and athletic director, three (3) supervisory passes may be issued by the WIAA
for each participating team.

Chaperones other than school personnel are not eligible for supervisory passes. Supervisors assigned by the school principal
are to be in or near the school's cheering sections and must be identified with the supervisory credential provided.

A team’s school bus driver will be admitted at no charge through the pass gate.

Team Registration Form – Must be filled out and submitted online on the WIAA Web site at:

Tournament Souvenir Program Information - The roster forms, team information and season information sheets to be published in the state tournament souvenir programs are available on the WIAA Web site at: Each participating school may receive two (2) complimentary copies of the program.

Qualifying Tournaments
1. Each WIAA District is responsible for any qualifying tournaments leading to the State tournaments. In the event of a direct
entry from a league, it is the leagues' responsibility to determine entries. If the District or league has more than one entry
to the State tournament, the teams must be designated as #1, #2, #3, etc.

2. The deadline for determining District entries to the State tournaments shall be midnight of the Saturday prior to the
tournament. Any exceptions must be cleared through the WIAA office.

Ticket Presale by Participating Schools - Each participating school has the option of pre-selling basketball tournament tickets and is responsible for their own ticket sales and accounting.

1. Each school must deliver unsold tickets and money to the game manager or ticket manager prior to their first game of the

2. There are no complimentary tickets. Those who are in a working capacity for the event (i.e. school supervisors, ticket
takers, security, etc.) will receive working passes from the game manager. These passes will be provided by the WIAA.

3. There are no reserved seats for any basketball tournament games. There will, however, be designated areas for student

Team Parking - Parking may be provided for team buses, cars, or vans in an area located near the facilities.

Dressing Rooms - Team dressing rooms will be assigned by the tournament manager. WIAA is not responsible for lost articles.

Taping - Tape and taping of players is the responsibility of the coach.

Practice Sessions - There will be no practice sessions at any of the tournament sites.

Pre-Game Warm-up -
1. The tournament manager will determine warm-up time between games.

2. Teams are guaranteed 15 minutes prior to the pre-game introductions.

3. Teams must go directly to their designated half court for warming up and are restricted to warming up only on their designated half court before the game and at half time. If a team runs around the court or on the opposing team’s baseline (whether the opposing team is on the court or not) or through the opposing team’s warm-up drills, an indirect technical for unsportsmanlike conduct will be issued to the head coach and the coach will lose the ability to stand and coach during the game.

Team Introductions - The head coaches of the participating teams are asked to assume responsibility for carefully instructing their players in the following procedures:

1. The teams participating in the first game of each session may begin their warm-up no later than twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

2. Five (5) minutes before game time the players and coaches of the two participating schools will go to their respective benches where members of the squad who are not starting will take seats on the bench.

Option 1: The five starting players will discard their warm-up suits and/or shooting shirts and stand in front of their bench with their coach and assistant coach. As each starting players' name is called, that player will come forward to center court. The P.A. announcer will introduce one player from each squad in an alternating manner. Players will meet at center court, shake hands and go to their respective free throw line.

The head coach and assistant coach(es) will be introduced following the starting players and will step onto the court to be recognized.

Option 2: Each team will line up on its free throw line extended, facing toward center court. The visiting team will be introduced first, followed by the home team. As his/her name is read, each player will take one step forward and remain in that position.

The head coach and assistant coach(es) of each respective team will be introduced after all of that team’s players have been introduced.

After both teams have been introduced, they will move to the center line to shake hands, then return to their team benches.

3. The game officials will be introduced last and will step onto the court two paces in front of the scorers' table.

4. Players and coaches will then return to their benches to wait for the playing of The National Anthem.

5. The same procedure will be followed for the start of the each succeeding game. The National Anthem may not be playedat the beginning of each game.

Home Teams - The second or bottom teams listed on the state tournament bracket will be the home teams.

1. Uniforms - Each team is instructed to bring a set of white and a set of dark uniforms. The home team will wear the white uniforms. All uniforms must have numbers.

2. Team Benches - The tournament manager will designate the home team bench. Teams are to use the basket opposite to their team bench for the first half pre-game warm-up. Student bodies of participating schools will be placed behind their respective team’s benches whenever possible.

Bench Decorum Rule: NFHS Rule 10-5-3 – The fourteen (14) foot COACHES BOX has been adopted for all levels of play.

Game Ball – Baden BX7E (boys) and Baden BX6E (girls) basketballs will be provided for all State tournament game

25.5.0 RESCHEDULING OF STATE EVENTS DUE TO OBSERVANCE OF THE SABBATH - Should a team that recognizes the Saturday Sabbath be involved in a WIAA state basketball tournament, and should the team, due to bracketing, play during the time that the Saturday Sabbath is observed, a semifinal game would be moved from Friday evening to Friday afternoon. Any Saturday consolation games would be moved to a later time that evening, and the championship game
would be played during the later game time.  Individuals who observe the Sabbath on teams will not be accommodated at team events.



1. Due to the desire to minimize travel, westside and eastside teams shall not meet until the second round when possible.

During each year of a two-year allocation cycle, whenever allocations are similar, districts from either the west side or the east side of the mountains will be rotated to determine which district(s) will travel across the mountains to play in the first round. If there is considerable difference in the allocations, the lowest seed from the district with the greatest number of allocations will travel across the mountains.

2. The eastside teams will be placed in the same quarter and/or half bracket when possible.

3. Eight teams will be designated as #1 teams and eight teams will be designated as #2 teams.

4. The "true" #1 teams from each WIAA District will be placed at the first round site hosted by that District.

a. If there are fewer than the required number of #1 teams, the #2 and possibly #3 team from the district(s) with the largest school factor will be used to complete the required first round #1 teams.

b. If there is a tie in the school factor between districts for additional #1 teams, the greater enrollment of the schools of the district shall determine the tiebreaker for the first year of the allocation cycle. The other district involved in the tie will receive the additional #1 team the second year.

5. Teams from the same district will not play each other during the first round when possible. When a District has five or more allocations, the 5th, 6th, etc. teams will go into the draw as potential opponents for the 1st, 2nd, etc, teams.

6. The teams that finish #1 and #2 from the same district will be drawn into the same quarter bracket when possible.

7. The #1 teams will be the home teams and the #2 teams will be the visiting teams (the designation in this description does not indicate their finish in the district qualifying event.)


#1 will play #2; loser is out, winner advances to the final state site


Game 1

Winner to State



Game 2

Winner to State





Facility Access – Please enter through the participant pass gate. Cheerleaders and coach(es) must be listed on the team registration form. The pass list will allow access to any tournament game. Dance/Drill squads with coach and band members with band director will be admitted upon identification of the coach and band director for their respective games only.

1. Cheerleader Roster limits - Cheerleaders in uniform are admitted free through the pass gate. There is no limit on the number of cheerleaders approved by the participating school. Due to the restricted area for crowd movement in front of each student rooting section, only twelve (12) cheerleaders may be cheerleading in front of their crowd at any given time. Any number of cheerleaders may participate in performances on the basketball court during approved dead ball periods.

2. Cheerleader Coaches - One coach may be admitted at no charge for every five cheerleaders (one to five cheerleaders, one coach admitted free; six to ten cheerleaders, two coaches) up to a maximum of three coaches.

Dressing Room – A room will be available for changing clothes and preparing for games. Please do not use the public restrooms for this purpose.

Check-in at Site - The cheerleader coach, dance/drill coach and band director must report to the Tournament Manager one-half to one hour prior to each of their game times to verify supervisory responsibilities and to determine performance schedules.

On-Court Performance Schedule – One (1) minute is allocated for the following:
Between 1st and 2nd quarter
Between 3rd and 4th quarter
Between any subsequent overtime periods
During a full time out (cheerleaders are not allowed onto the court during a 30-second timeout)

Half-time Entertainment – Seven (7) minutes will be allocated for half-time entertainment. Since the clock is running, the time allotted for performing groups begins when the group enters the court and end when the group exits the court (NOT when the music begins and ends.) All half-time entertainment must be cleared with the Tournament Manager prior to the contest. The recommended performance order is listed below. This schedule can be changed upon mutual agreement of all performance groups and/or the tournament manager depending upon half-time presentations or special promotions.
1st - Home Drill Team (3 minutes maximum)
2nd - Visiting Drill Team (3 minutes maximum)
3rd – Home Cheerleaders (30 seconds)
4th – Visiting Cheerleaders (30 seconds)
5th – Home Band (if time permits)
6th – Visiting Band (if time permits)

Half-time Music – Performers are required to have their own cassette tape and their own tape player unless the band is playing. A representative of the performing group must be present at the announcer’s table to cue the music.

Length of Routines – Squads are recommended to be prepared with both short and long routines, depending upon the number of squads on site and time available.


Props – All props or sets used must have rubber or carpet tips in order to prevent scarring of the floor.


Designated area – Band members must remain seated during the time the ball is in play and must remain at least 12 feet away from the edge of the playing area.

Noisemakers – Noisemakers are prohibited and will be confiscated by the management. Band instruments are to be used for playing music under the direction of the conductor and not as noisemakers.

National Anthem – The National Anthem will be played at the beginning of each session either by the designated home team or by a soloist selected by the tournament management. Note: Tournament management will determine a boy/girl game rotation order of the home team band.

Music during player introductions
a. Bands may play a fanfare after each individual player is introduced for their team ONLY.
b. This fanfare must be no more than five (5) seconds in length.
c. No music may be played during or after each opposing team member is introduced.
d. The floor manager or announcer must be informed during the team warm-ups if the band will play a fanfare during
the introductions.

Playing - Both bands should not play at the same time. It is unacceptable for any band member(s) to play an instrument, either formally or informally, while another performance is taking place. It is the responsibility of the directors to mutually agree on a fair system of alternating during dead ball situations. If a band is performing during a time out or quarter break and the play resumes, every reasonable effort should be made to cease playing as soon as possible. Please do not play until after the sportsmanship medallion is presented following the game.


Cheerleader Warm-up Area – A designated warm-up area will be provided. Cheer squads MUST bring their own mats and MUST be supervised while in the warm-up area.

Props - Cheer crowd involvement cue cards may be used as props (not to exceed 3’ x 3’) during tournaments. The cue cards are to be used by cheerleaders in the cheerleader area only and the words must be supportive of their team and not degrading to opponents. Megaphones may be used only by the cheerleaders.

Stunts - Stunts may be practiced only in the designated warm-up area IF THE SQUAD BRINGS AN APPROPRIATE MAT. No coaches will be allowed onto the competition floor as spotters.

54.3.01 NFHS Spirit Rule 2-2-3 Addition: Members of a cheer squad involved in stunting, including bases, fliers and
spotters, shall wear their hair away from the face and off the shoulders.

54.3.02 NFHS Spirit Rule 2-10-2 Addition: 6’ x 8’ nonskid surface mats are required for performing basket tosses and
other similar multi-base tosses on a hard surface. (Folding panel mats and yoga mats are not acceptable
nor appropriate.)

Introduction of Starting Line-up – Cheerleaders may be on the competition floor but must remain within the designated half court area during the pre-game introduction of starters. Cheerleaders will also be introduced prior to their first game.

Responsibility of the Cheerleaders - Only school district accepted cheers should be used at the appropriate times. Cheers or yells with degrading opponent implications and profanity must be avoided. Cheerleaders actions, responsibility, acceptance, and control of student sections will be evaluated and scored as contributing to sportsmanship awards.

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