Bound For State Regulations
2014 State Wrestling Championships - Mat Classic XXV

Feb. 21-22, 2014 - Tacoma Dome Arena


Allocations - Allocations will be based upon a regional format.

Passes  - These passes are to be used only by the individuals listed below:
One (1) pass per participant 
                One (1) administrator supervisory pass (no floor access).  An additional supervisory pass may be issued to the 
                        cheerleader coach/advisor when checking in at the tournament pass gate.
                Two (2) coaches passes.  If a school has three (3) to nine (9) participants, three (3) coaches passes will be 
                        issued.  A school with ten (10) or more participants will be issued four (4) coaches passes.
                One (1) student manager pass. (No floor access)

               Cheerleaders  - A maximum of eight (8) admitted in uniform.  A maximum of four (4) will be allowed at a mat 
               during a match involving their school.

               Others - There will be no bands at the Wrestling tournaments. One (1) school photographer pass and one (1) 
               school newspaper reporter pass may be obtained upon presentation of a letter of authorization on school 
               letterhead. School photographers and reporters will not be allowed floor access. Passes will be granted in 
               person at the tournament pass gate.

Alternates - Alternates which have qualified from the appropriate qualifying meet will be allowed entry for any reason that an open slot appears prior to the first round at Mat Classic.   NOTE:  Alternates will be admitted when accompanied by their coach.  They will not be issued floor passes and must remain in the general seating areas.

Artificial Limbs  - Artificial limbs, which in the judgment of the WIAA are no more dangerous to contestants than the corresponding human limb and do not place an opponent at a disadvantage, may be permitted.

               If a wrestler is allowed to wrestle with an artificial limb, he must weigh in with the limb.  It is desirable and 
               encouraged that the wrestler or coach have a written statement from a doctor and WIAA giving approval of this 
               artificial limb, which should be obtained prior to the start of the season.

Weigh-in  - Certified scales will be provided for this event.  Weigh-ins must be conducted by the tournament manager or appointed representatives according to Federation Wrestling Rules.  The Head Official must be present at the weigh-ins.  A Games Committee member should be present at the weigh-in, if possible.  A wrestler becomes an official entrant when they make weight.

Scales will be available for weight checks on the day prior to the first day of the tournament.

Bracketing & Scoring - Special consideration will be made in scoring if two (2) wrestlers from the same school meet.  When two (2) wrestlers from the same school and same weight compete in the Regional or State Tournament, the winner will automatically receive advancement points based on a fall (pin.)  The match must be wrestled.

The State tournament shall be a 8, 12 or 16-entry modified double-elimination tournament depending on the number of participating schools.  Regional tournaments are 8-entry modified double-elimination tournaments, unless modified by the WIAA Executive Board.  Scoring in Regional’s will be based on six places in each weight class and at Mat Classic, 8 places for the 16 entry tournaments, 6 places for 12 entry tournaments, and 4 places for 8 entry tournaments..

Seeding & Regionals  - Seeding shall be by draw.

Score Clocks  - They should be raised high enough so they are plainly visible.

Points Awarded at End of Match - Score Clocks - Recommendation Only - When the time is running down at the end of each round or overtime, the timer or an assistant timer shall stand behind the referee and watch the clock. When the time runs out, the timer taps the official so the official knows when the round is ended.

Overtime Matches  - National Federation Rules for overtime matches apply in State Tournament competition.

Games Committee  - The tournament Games Committee will consist of at least 3 members which will include:  The tournament manager or designee, the Head Official, and a WIAA appointed representative.  Games Committee members must be present and immediately available to the tournament manager.  Decisions of the Games Committee are final and may not be appealed.

State Tournament Information Packet – An information packet for the state tournament will be e-mailed to each member school by January 15th each year.

SPECIAL NOTE TO COACHES:  Bring your own towels as none are provided.


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