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Regional Basketball
Game Assignment Procedure and Approved Regional Sites
February 28 - March 1


Approved Regional Sites

Game Assignment Procedure and Timeline

  • The 2014 regional draws were approved by the WIAA Executive Board in January, 2013.

  • Following the completion of the District tournaments on February 22, games will be assigned to sites on Sunday, February 23, at the WIAA office by WIAA executive staff Mike Colbrese, Cindy Adsit, Andy Barnes, John Miller and Brian, WOA executive director Todd Stordahl, and Jason Kerr, recently retired high school boys basketball coach.

  • Site selection
    • a team will not play on its home court
    • contingent upon facility capacity and projected attendance, true #1 teams will be assigned to play at the closest regional site
    • one-way travel distance from school to site(s) and travel route will be taken into consideration
    • all games involving #1 teams will be assigned first with subsequent games assigned in descending order based upon allocations
    • #2 and lower teams will travel; the lower the district finish, the greater the potential travel distance, with the variables being the number of allocations from each District and the approved draw
    • if boys and girls teams from the same school qualify, both games will be scheduled back-to-back on Saturday when possible
    • greater probability of back-to-back games when both teams finish the same (both #1 or both #3, etc.)
    • if the boys and girls teams do not finish the same, or a conflict is created with either opponent, the boys will play on Friday, February 28, and the girls will play on Saturday, March 1
    • if only a boys or a girls team qualifies from a school and the same is true with the opposing school, that game will be played on Saturday
    • at least two games will be played at each selected site
    • a maximum of two games will be played on Friday (6 and 8 PM) and a maximum of six games will be played on Saturday (10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM.)
    • when games are scheduled on Friday, the teams with the greater travel distance will play at 6 PM on Friday
    • when games are scheduled on Saturday, the teams with the greatest travel distance will play the earlier game times, provided an overnight stay is not required the night before

Approved Regional Sites

District 1  District 2  District 3  District 4  District 5  District 6  District 7 District 8
Jackson Bellevue College  Puyallup  Mark Morris  Richland  Eisenhower  Cheney Central Valley
Glacier Peak  Juanita  Auburn  Tumwater  Walla Walla  Wenatchee West Valley (Spokane) University
Everett CC  Bothell  Mt. Tahoma  WF West  Sunnyside  Moses Lake  Freeman Mead
Mt. Vernon    Kent Meridian    Southridge    Mt. Spokane
Mountlake Terrace    Timberline    Ellensburg   
Curtis West Valley (Yakima)

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