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SPORTSMANSHIP - "Give Me 5" Program

Recognizing the unique developmental needs of the middle level student, the WIAA promotes activities that build student success through active participation, increased skill building, and positive sportsmanship.


  • Develop a positive team attitude
  • Encourage, cooperate and collaborate with peers
  • Present positive adult role models that demonstrate self control and (mutual) respect
  • June 2017

    Lukas Kubik
    Jenkins JH
    Bailey Ferguson
    Orting MS



    Mattson MS (Covington)
    Meridian MS (Kent)
    Pioneer MS (Wenatchee)

    March 2017: Jessi Gaul (Meridian MS), Joe Dorey (Pioneer MS)
    February 2017:    Madison Ediger (Northwood MS), Ryan Mueller (Eatonville MS)
    January 2017: Irelyn Branam (Pioneer MS), Kaden Anderson (Stanwood MS)
    November 2016:   Emma Floyd (Port Susan MS), Caleb Shawen (Northwood MS)
    October 2016: Bailey Warnica (Chase MS), Luke Ruby (Freeman MS)
    September 2016: Tizzie Zylstra (Chehalis MS), Kahiau Kagawa (Mattson MS)
    May 2016: Rylee Kline (Keithley MS), David Lysyy (Mattson MS)
    April 2016: Ella Brubaker (Curtis JH), Spence Mackley (Chief Joseph MS)
    March 2016: Carleigh Delapp (North Tapps MS), Jacob Schuldheisz (Bethlehem Lutheran School)
    February 2016: Aubree Vandine (Cheney MS), Isaiah Kaikala (Keithley MS)
    December 2015: Gillian Allison (Morgan MS), Wyatt Hansen (Meridian MS)
    November 2015: Lily Kirry (Jenkins Jr Hs), Ridge Salazar (Orting MS)
    October 2015:   Allison Morley (Central Kitsap MS), Jorge Cruz (Endeavor MS) 
    September 2015:  Cytlalli Espino (Stevens MS), Adrian Tomalik (Mattson MS)


    Core Principles EXPAND


    The "Give Me 5" program will help lay the foundation and assist all middle level schools in taking the educational value of school activities to a higher level. While recognizing that each school and community have unique needs, the "Give Me 5" program has been developed to encourage member schools to link with each other to celebrate, practice, and promote the positive attributes of our activities programs. 

    The foundation of the program lies in the belief that five core concepts can help communities, schools, officials, coaches, and athletes realize that behaviors and attitudes learned in school activities can benefit a person for their lifetime. The program will promote and foster good character by teaching, enforcing, advocating, and modeling the five core ethical principles: 

    • Always pursue victory with honor
    • Demonstrate and demand integrity
    • Observe and enforce the spirit and meaning of the rules
    • Take a stand and avoid dishonesty and cheating
    • Promote education and set character development goals
    • Set high standards for fair play
    • Treat team members fairly according to their expectations
    • Never take unfair advantage
    • Remember that school activities value the emotional, physical and moral well-being of the participants above the desire and pressure to win
    • Be a positive role model on and off the field
    • Strive for excellence and embrace mistakes
    • Be committed to your team
    • Be open to opportunities for personal growth
    • Honor the tradition of the activity and participate with respect
    • Treat all teammates and opponents with respect
    • Win with grace
    • Lose with dignity
    • Promote sports and activities by honoring their rules and goals
    • Follow the codes of conduct established by coaches, student participants and school administrators
    • Take a stand and avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco

    Award Criteria EXPAND

    Star Student of the Month Award
    Each month throughout the school year, the WIAA recognizes middle level students from around the state who exhibit the core principles of the middle level sportsmanship program: honor, sportsmanship, courage, respect, and citizenship. These students have helped develop positive team attitudes; and encouraged, cooperated, and collaborated with their peers. Click the link below to login to your MyWIAA account as an athletic director or coach, then click "Give Me 5 Star Student of the Month Nomination" under My Tasks.


    All Star School Award
    The “Give Me 5” Sportsmanship Program builds upon the WIAA’s current efforts to promote and recognize sportsmanship among our teams, schools and communities by awarding middle level schools that meet the award criteria with the distinguished All Star School Award. The All Star School will receive a gold star recognizing the school’s outstanding efforts in promoting sportsmanship in and out of competition.  The program’s criteria helps provide a consistent message of behavior for participants and fans to create a healthy culture at all contests throughout the state.

    An online application will be emailed to principals the first week of May and must be submitted by the last Friday in May annually. Qualifying schools will receive the All Star School gold star to add to their “Give Me 5” Sportsmanship Banner along with an award certificate in August. To qualify for the All Star School and receive the gold star, a school must complete all of the following items during the school year.

    1. School must display their “Give Me 5” School Sportsmanship Banner throughout the school year.
    2. Student-athletes and their parents must sign the Sportsmanship Pledge and coaches must address good sportsmanship in an orientation/meeting with players and parents.
    3. School must have zero ejections for the year.
    4. School must include the “Give Me 5” guidelines in the school's sportsmanship policy and post the school’s sportsmanship policy in a prominent location so students, parents, players and fans have a clear understanding of what will be expected and enforced at sporting events.
    5. School must promote and enforce cheering for its teams and not against its opponents. Degrading, demeaning, negative cheers should not be allowed to continue. What you permit, you promote. An assigned supervisor or coach will address issues that arise.
    6. Sportsmanship shall be an agenda item on each league meeting. Topics should include spectator/student behavior at games, enforcing appropriate behavior and supervision at sporting events. A league may ask the WIAA to deny the Sportsmanship Award to a member school if that school has not followed through with sportsmanship issues at its school.
    7. School must use the “Give Me 5” sportsmanship announcements at home contests whenever an announcer and PA system are available. The sportsmanship announcements are available HERE.
    8. School must have one or more of its teams participate in a service project to benefit a worthy cause, or host a school assembly that promotes a healthy culture.
    9. School must have at least two students participate in a school, league/district or statewide leadership conference.
    10. On the All Star School Award Application, the school must submit its most successful strategy, activity, or “best practice” for promoting sportsmanship, along with one area that needs improvement.

    Sportsmanship Game Rules EXPAND

    • Shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct.
    • Shall actively enhance sportsmanship and citizenship.
    • Shall never place the value of winning above character or true health of player.
    • Shall give respect and support to officials.
    • Shall know the rules of the game and make every game a learning experience.


    • Shall respect the rights of others and treat them with courtesy.
    • Shall be responsible for their actions by playing with integrity.
    • Shall always do their best.
    • Shall respect the laws of the community and state; they will play fair and follow the rules.


    • Shall take time out of their busy schedule to attend games.
    • Shall cheer and encourage the players in a positive manner.
    • Shall recognize good effort, teamwork and sportsman ship of all involved.
    • Shall be supportive, win or lose.
    • Shall respect the judgment of participants, coaches and officials.

    Parent Guide  EXPAND

    Kids who see adults behaving in a sportsmanlike way gradually come to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with dignity — whether they win or lose a game.

    Parents can help their kids understand that good sportsmanship includes both small gestures and heroic efforts. It starts with something as simple as shaking hands with opponents before a game and includes acknowledging good plays made by others.  If we constantly pressure them to play better kids get the message that they’re only as good as their last good play.

    Parents Should:

    • Clap for a good play, no matter which team accomplishes it.
    • Show respect for officials, opposing team members, coaches and spectators.
    • Don’t react to the win or loss alone. When your child comes home from a game ask: How did you play? Did you have fun? How did the team play? What did you do well? What could you do better next time?
    • Acknowledge superior skills in other players without comparing your child’s skills to their skills.
    • Define success as trying your hardest in effort and teamwork.
    • Cheer for your team no matter what.
    • Remember that they're just kids. Use constructive criticism, compliment, encourage and build them up.
    • Be sure your child accepts responsibility for errors and thinks about how he or she could avoid repeating the errors.
    • You may complain privately about the validity of a call, but never argue with the referees. Doing so undermines their authority, and shows a lack of respect for game officials.
    • Remember that the officials are doing the best they can.
    • Remember that the true purpose of organized sports is FUN, FUN, FUN!
    • Show them that you have good sportsmanship.
    • Continue to support their desire to be a part of something bigger – a team.
    • Remember we are being watched.  Our attitudes are contagious; ours are the ones we want them to catch, so reach out “Give Me 5!”

    Children learn by watching – and as a parent you are a great teacher when it comes to sportsmanship.  If you play a sport – you need to show that you are a good sport.  Be positive – even if you have done something wrong.  Always think before you react – because their eyes and admiration are on you.  Show them how you want them to behave!

    A Parent's Commitment to Sportsmanship

    • I will cheer positively for both teams.
    • I will not direct negative criticism toward officials, players or coaches.
    • I will respect our opponents, officials, and coaches, regardless of the outcome of the contest.
    • I will accept responsibility for all my actions.
    • I will learn the rules of the game so that I may understand it more.


    • Tell your children you have made the pledge and why. Explain why it is important to be a good sport.
    • Communicate openly with your children about being a good sport. Provide solid information and clear rules to follow.
    • Support officials’ and coaches’ decisions regarding game conduct and encourage appropriate measures in dealing with offenders.
    • Remember that appropriate and consistent discipline indicates love and concern.
    • Be a role model. Set a good example for your children.

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