Bound For State Regulations
2013 State Volleyball Championships

Nov. 15-16, 2013 - 1B, 2B, 1A - Yakima Valley SunDome
                            2A - Pierce College
                            3A, 4A - St. Martin's University & Timberline High School, Lacey


Changes from the 2012-13 Volleyball Regulations are indicated in bold type and shaded.



Volleyball Draws - The volleyball draws are approved by the WIAA Executive Board and will be posted on the WIAA Web page on the Sunday prior to the state tournament.


Allocations - Allocations in volleyball are made to the WIAA Districts.


Type of Tournament - Each classification will have a sixteen entry tournament modified double elimination tournament with each team guaranteed two (2) matches. 


Passes             14 players (must be the same 14 throughout the tournament)

                        6 designated school personnel (coaches, managers, statisticians, etc)

                        1 medical personnel

                        2 supervisors

Pre-Tournament Practice -
There will be no practice at the site the day prior to the tournament.  State Tournament Managers, however, may compile a list of available schools within a reasonable distance of the state tournament site as potential practice sites.   Qualified teams will work through the tournament manager to secure a practice or meeting place.


Games Committee - The Games Committee shall consist of the tournament manager, the head official, the floor manager (if applicable) and a participating coach not involved in the dispute in question.


Officials - Two (2) WOA certified WIAA officials will be assigned to each match.  Scorekeepers and two (2) lines judges will be assigned to each match by the Tournament Manager or designee.  Four (4) lines judges may be assigned to the consolation and championship matches.


Ground Rules - Ground rules will be explained at each site by the Tournament Manager or head official.


Match Schedule - It is the coach's responsibility to see that the team is near the assigned playing court at least 25 minutes prior to match time.


Game Balls - Each school must provide warm-up balls. Baden VX5E Perfection Elite game balls will be provided.  The officials will select the game ball from those provided.


Warm-up Time - Official warm-ups may be scheduled on a different court, with only the final 2 minutes on the assigned compeition court.

Warm-up time on the assigned court for the first round on Friday will be a minimum length of 20 minutes, with 8 minutes of shared court time, then 5, 5, 2; the home team will have the first 5 minutes.  Warm-up time for the first round on Saturday will be a minimum length of 15 minutes, with 3 minutes of shared court time, then 5,5,2; the home team will have the first 5 minutes.  After the first round has been completed, warm-up time will be reduced to 5, 5, 2.


Awards - Trophies will be presented for 1st through 8th places.  The awards ceremonies will take place immediately following each match in which trophies are presented.


Volleyball Draw Procedure 

BRACKET DEFINITIONS:  The total tournament first round bracket includes games 1-8.  The top half bracket includes games 1-4, the bottom half bracket includes games 5-8.  The quarter brackets are as follows:  games 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.


A modified allocation formula will be followed to determine the #1 teams, with each WIAA District guaranteed a #1 team if that District is allocated at least one (1) team.  If Districts elect to combine for qualification purposes, each District will still receive a #1 team.  Districts that combine during the regular season would be considered a single District and would receive only one #1 team.


1.     The “true” #1 teams from each WIAA District will be drawn first to determine in which half bracket they will be drawn with an equal number of  “true” #1 teams in each half bracket when possible.

1a.     The first draw will be to determine into which half bracket, top or bottom half, the first “true” #1 team shall 
          be drawn.
1b.     The district with the most #1 teams shall be drawn first, followed in succession by the districts with fewer 
          #1 teams.
1c.     The “true” #1 teams shall be drawn into half brackets, alternating top then bottom, or  bottom then top, until 
          all “true” #1 teams have been drawn.
1d.     As each “true” #1 team is drawn into the top or bottom half bracket, the #2 team from that district will be 
          placed into the opposite half bracket.
          1.d.1.    With three (3) allocations, the #3 team may be drawn into either half bracket.

                      1.d.2.    With four (4) or more allocations, #1 and #4 will be drawn into the same half bracket; #2 and #3  will be drawn into the same half bracket when possible; any additional allocations may be drawn into either half bracket with an even number, when possible, into each half bracket.


2.     The “true” #1 teams shall be drawn to determine the home team for Games 1-4 and then Games 5-8.
2a.    If there are four (4) or fewer “true” #1 teams, they will be drawn into different quarter brackets.


3.     Since there are fewer than eight (8) “true” #1 teams, a modified allocation formula will be applied to determine the
additional #1 teams.  The modified allocation formula will be based upon the number of schools participating in each District/combined District.

            3a.    With three (3) #1 teams, the #3 team may be drawn into either half bracket.
            3b.    With four (4) or more #1 teams, #1 and #4 will be drawn into the same half bracket and #2 and #3 
                     will be drawn into the same half bracket when possible.
3c.    The additional #1 teams will then be drawn to fill in as the home team for Games 1-4 and then Games 5-8.


4.    The remaining teams will then be drawn as the visiting teams for Games 1-8.

            4a.    Remaining teams will be drawn so that teams from the same district will not play each other in the first 
                    round when possible.
            4b.    If a district has five (5) or more allocations, the #5, #6, etc. teams will go into the draw as potential  
                    opponents for its #1 team.
            4c.    The lowest seeded team from a district will be drawn to play against the highest seeded team from either 
                     the same district or a different district.


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