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Tylor Adcock | Kamiak HS

Author:Tylor Adcock

The talk of the town:  Marysville Pilchuck. A mere 25 minutes away from the school I attend, Kamiak High School in Mukilteo. Yes, a tragic loss and emotional rollercoaster that sent schools into panic trying to prevent another incident. The sorrow and commemoration was experienced greatly at Kamiak. Many students in our 2,300 student body knew or knew of someone who attended that school, and a limited amount even knew the victims. It was a rough week and we took it hard. But I want to focus on the positive outlook behind this - schools banded together and tried to change positively. Specifically, Kamiak High School dedicated a whole spirit week, wearing red and white, MP's school colors, the whole week. We signed posters and made cards for students still at MP along with extra things created by some students that went directly to the families of the victims.

There is much to be said about Kamiak and their initiative and dedication. We became un-Knighted for a cause outside of ourselves, and hopefully really made a difference and helped the process run smoother. Our posters and other gifts really were sent from the heart, so I have no doubt they took it with sincerity.

The neat part about the spirit week was that everyone came for the same cause. The motivation was inspired by something outside of us and it was fabulous to get to do something for someone else. Walking through the halls and seeing red after red, I was truly amazed at the empathy in hearts, that students and teachers alike could come together and represent this suffering school in an honorable and friendship-like way.

As you can see in the pictures, students showed up after school repping their white or red and holding up the sign we made for them. The picture does not do our school justice, there was probably at least a third of our school wearing a color-coordinated tshirt, yet they happened to just miss the picture after school. It is wonderful standing behind all these people with the same mission.


Not in any way am I trying to lessen the incident, or issue. I just want to make known the change and prevention work that is going on behind the scenes. To many schools that helped, and to Kamiak High School for stepping up and supporting our friends.

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