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A member of the U.S. Paralympic Track & Field team, U.S. Paralympic World Championship team, Junior World Championship team, Spokane’s National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) Junior team and the Moses Lake Track & Field team, Spencer Kimbro is the recipient of this summer’s Student Spotlight.

Entering his senior year at Moses Lake High School, Kimbro holds more accolades and championship titles than most people receive throughout their lives. Kimbro began competing seriously in 2014 at the Desert Challenge Games in Arizona and later that year at the U.S. Paralympic National meet in San Mateo. During his first national appearance, Kimbro was racing opponents twice, event three times his age.

“I got my butt beat in every single race, I came in dead last,” Kimbro recalled. “But it was great. I got a feel for travel and for the competition.”

“In 2015, I came back and raced at the same competitions, went down to the Desert Challenge and was doing pretty well there. I went back to Nationals in St. Paul, Minnesota and ended up taking second place in the 100 and 400 meter races.”

Due to Kimbro’s drastic improvement and championship performance at the 2015 National meet, he was selected for the U.S. teams that went on to worldwide championship competitions in the Netherlands, Toronto and Qatar, just to name a few. Locally, Kimbro has been a standout at WIAA State Track & Field meets, dominating the 100, 400, 800 and 1600 meter races and he competes on Spokane’s ParaSport junior basketball team making annual appearances at Spokane Hoopfest. In the little time away from training that he has, Kimbro has recently picked up sled hockey with a group in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

When asked what he most enjoys about competing for Moses Lake, Kimbro’s answer was two-fold. He likes the opportunity to break records and bring home championships to his hometown school, but he is also proud and hopeful to be creating a path for other wheelchair athletes to follow.

“There are not any that I know of coming up in Moses Lake, but hopefully down the line we will have another wheelchair athlete compete,” Kimbro said. “My coaches will have had me as experience and will be able to make it that much better for the next wheelchair athletes to come through the school.”

Kimbro noted that the best thing for schools and administration to do in terms of inclusion, is to continue creating opportunities everywhere, whether that be adding new events or modifying current ones to make the playing field as even as possible.

“My league (Columbia Basin) does a great job of getting me into races,” Kimbro explained.

During league meets, Kimbro has the opportunity to race alongside runners in order to stay motivated and push himself prior to Districts and State. He noted that in the beginning the races weren’t very close, but he has shaved off enough time now to be neck and neck with the runner in the lane next to him. 

Moses Lake Track & Field coach, Kevin Whittall, describes Kimbro as hard working, determined and full of energy. Whittall has been coaching Kimbro for the last three years, and like Kimbro, is hopeful that more wheelchair athletes will begin competing for their schools to deepen the competition at State.

Although his free time is limited, Kimbro enjoys hanging out with friends and family, fishing and going on road trips. He is interested in mathematics and continues to work endlessly on maintaining the school-sport balance with hopes of entering a career in the business or marketing world.


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6/1/2017 June Student Spotlight

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