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Photo by: Matt Wright

Going into the fall of her sophomore year, Sydney Gormley had participated on the Lakewood High School varsity track and field team and played, played in both the marching and concert band, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. But Gormley wanted a new challenge that fall – she wanted to be a member of the Cougars football team.

Gormley approached Lakewood Head Varsity Football Coach Dan Teeter before tryouts took place in 2015 and Teeter welcomed Gormley to try out for the team.

“She came and she just kept coming,” Teeter said. “She’s the only (girl) that’s ever stuck with it.”

Gormley spent her sophomore year learning the ins and outs of place kicking on the junior varsity team. By her junior year, she earned a spot on varsity special teams as a kicker.

Coach Teeter describes Gormley as “unflappable,” as he recalled one of his first memories of her during a post-practice team competition.

“She was absolute nails,” Teeter said. “There were guys lining either side of her approach up to the ball, just yelling and trying to intimidate and get her to miss the kick. She just made kick after kick, there was nothing you could do to get in her head.”

Photo by: Matt Wright

Gormley’s favorite high school memory comes from her junior year during the Homecoming game. Trailing 22-23 with two seconds left in the game, she was called upon to kick her first-ever field goal in a game, and bring the Cougars a win. She remembers that moment, laughing, and how she repeated “don’t miss” over and over in her head. But when she line up for the kick, she knew she was not going to miss the opportunity.

“Of all the times to do something, now is the time to make the field goal,” Gormley told herself.

And that’s exactly what she did. She sent the ball through the uprights as the buzzer went off, completing a 32-yard field goal to win the game 25-23.

Her performances during the 2016 season earned her the Special Teams MVP Award for Lakewood. Her game-winning moment, and the season as a whole, was the culmination of her hard work on the field which led to that moment. Effort that was mirrored by her discipline off the field.

Amidst her busy activities schedule, Gormley is also taking classes through the Running Start program at Everett Community College. She is on track to complete her Associate’s degree by the time she graduates high school, but she admits the balance is difficult. She is thankful for the positive relationship she has with Coach Teeter, who understands her busy schedule, and tries to accommodate for her when he can.

Photo by: Matt Wright

Coach Teeter, to the same effect, discussed how activities teach mental balance, and how it transfers over characteristics like discipline, and how to handle adversity.

“We can help these kids develop into great people as we go -help them learn life lessons that are going to help them be better parents, spouses, workers in their work environments,” Teeter said.

Gormley is considered a “Lakewood Lifer” meaning she has spent her whole life in the Lakewood School District.

“We all knew each other over the years,” Gormley explains, “so when I decided to join football, they were all very welcoming and very helpful to me. It takes everyone working together and trusting each other to make a good football team.”

Gormley admits she isn’t sure what the future holds for her, but knows that she wants to attend college to keep learning, and play college sports.





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