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August 2018

8/24/2018 - WIAA Participation Reaches All-Time High in 2017-18

8/23/2018 - Minimum Practice Requirements for Fall 2018 Sports

8/15/2018 - John Cerna Selected to WIAA Executive Board

8/14/2018 - Air Quality Advisory

Minimum Practice Requirements for Fall 2018 Sports

In order to assist high school teams in not only meeting the minimum practice requirements for this 2018 fall season, but also to give teams the potential for a practice outdoors, the WIAA Executive Board approved a waiver of WIAA handbook rule 17.12.7. The waiver would allow a high school team to practice seven (7) days of the week through the first two (2) weeks of the season for the fall of 2018.

Local school board approval is required for any team to practice seven (7) days of the week.

17.12.7 will not be waived for middle level teams. Middle level teams will be restricted to practice six (6) days of the week and may need to reschedule games if poor air quality persists.

Please also see the attached memo regarding heat and hydration.

If you have any questions about the waiver of 17.12.7, contact the WIAA office at 425-687-8585.

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