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 WIAA Announces Representative Assembly Amendments
RENTON, Wash. – The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) announced the proposed amendments for the 2016-17 school year to be voted upon by Representative Assembly. 
To view a summary of the 15 amendments, 
CLICK HERE.  For the full text of the amendments, CLICK HERE.   The voting period for the amendments begins Wednesday, April 27 and will end on Friday, May 6.
The Representative Assembly is comprised of 53 elected school administrators that represent each of the nine WIAA districts.  35 of the representatives are high school administrators, while 18 are middle level administrators.  For an amendment to pass, a super majority or 60 percent approval is required (21 yes votes for High School; 11 yes votes for middle school; 32 yes votes for both).
The amendments were reviewed by the WIAA Executive Board, District Directors, League Presidents and the Representative Assembly during the Winter Coalition on Monday, 21. 
For any questions about the amendments or the voting process, please contact the WIAA office.
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