Official WIAA Forms

Membership Forms
New School Enrollment, Membership Renewal, School Board Resolution, Combine/Cooperative, Request to Change WIAA District.

For additions of sports/activities or squads please send written notice to Alli Krous (

Form Type Form Name Description
Web Form  New WIAA Member School Enrollment Form Application for non-member schools to become WIAA members.
Web Form  WIAA Membership Renewal Form
Form for current WIAA Member School Districts & Private Schools to complete annually indicating which schools (high schools, junior highs, and/or middle schools) within the respective district will be WIAA member schools for the upcoming school year. Due by the second Friday in June annually for the upcoming school year.
Web Form
School Board Resolution Form Form for current WIAA Member School Districts & Private Schools to complete annually which delegates authority to WIAA for schools listed in the Public/Private School District Membership Form. Due by the second Friday in June annually for the upcoming school year.
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Combine/Cooperative Form Application for two or more member schools to enter into a combined or cooperative program. Must be filed with the WIAA by the end of the third week of the season.
Word Request to Change WIAA Districts Application for current member schools to switch from one WIAA District to another.

Student Eligibility and Related Issues
All forms relating to Section 18.0.0, 19.0.0, 25.0.0 and 27.0.0 of the WIAA Handbook regarding student eligibility. 

If you have questions, please contact Rita Roach at 425-282-5239.


Form Type Form Name Description
PDF Eligibility Checklist Identifies all of the criteria that each student must meet in order to be eligible, along with a check sheet for validation.
High School

Middle Level
"Protect Your Eligibility" A form for student-athletes reminding them of the responsibilities that they must uphold in order to maintain their athletic eligibility.
PDF Student Residence Eligibility Expectations Standard contract between a school and a family unit as related to WIAA eligibility rules.
PDF Home-Based Education School Contract
An academic plan contract between Home Based School students and their home high school to ensure academic eligibility for high school activities.
PDF Alternative Education School Contract An academic plan contract between Alternative Education School students and their home high school to ensure academic eligibility for high school activities.
PDF WIAA Running Start Contract
An academic plan contract between Running Start students and their home high school to ensure academic eligibility for high school activities.
PDF International Exchange Student Contract Entering the United States for one school year.
PDF International Exchange Student Contract Leaving the United States for one school years.
PDF Definition of Hardship/What to Expect WIAA Handbook definition of a hardship, and step-by-step guidelines for how to navigate the district and state-level eligibilty process.
PDF 2015-16 Student Eligibility Packet  
PDF 2015-16 Previous School Statement
Form 5, Part 1
PDF 2015-16 Appeal Forms and Procedure  
PDF State of Washington High School Transcript Example  

Sport/Activity Program Forms
Game Contract, Coach Practice Regulations, Forensic Tournament Joint Supervision Agreement, Wrestling:  Weight Permit, Weight List for Matches, Weight Certification Summary, Participation W-2

Form Type Form Name Description
PDF  |  Word Game Contract Contractual form for two or more schools to agree to a contest.  A great way to avoid a double-booking!
PDF  |  Word Coach Practice Regulations A list of in-season and out-of-season do's and dont's for coaches.
Word WIAA/WSFA Participating School Forensic Tournament Joint Supervision Agreement Agreement form for identifying the supervisor for forensics tournament participants when two or more schools are to be supervised by a coach from a single school.
PDF  |  Word Wrestling Weight Permit Form (Middle School Only) The form for individual wrestlers to have filled out by a physician establishing minimum wrestling weight.
PDF  |  Word Wrestling Weight List for Matches (Middle School Only) Weigh-in form for dual matches with actual weight and Dr. minimum recommendations.
PDF  |  Word Wrestling Weight Certification Summary Form (Middle School Only) Maintain a list of doctor's minimum recommended weights to protect yourself and your athletes.

Application Files for WIAA Programs
Clock Hours, Amendment Proposal, Gareth Giles Nomination, Regional/State Site Application, Just Play Fair! Manual

Form Type Form Name Description
Word  WIAA Clock Hour Program Application If you wish to propose a program for WIAA Clock Hours, this is the form that needs to be used.  IMPORTANT: Completed applications MUST be received at the WIAA office no less than 14 days prior to the program in order to be approved!
PDF  |  Word  WIAA Amendment Proposal Form The form for recommending changed to the WIAA Handbook.  Must be submitted by the second Friday in January.
PDF  |  Word Gareth Giles Nomination Form Gareth Giles was a long-standing advocate of scholastic activities in the State of Washington, and this award is to recognize those who hold a similar passion by participation in leadership activities throughout the state.  Must be submitted by the second Friday in January.
PDF  |  Word WIAA Regional/State Site Application For schools/facilities interested in hosting a WIAA tournament.
PDF Just Play Fair! Manual, Including Applications Just Play Fair! is the WIAA Sportsmanship program.  Schools or leagues may apply for the Just Play Fair! program to show their dedication to sportsmanship.  (Use the worksheet to help fill out the application).

WIAA Order Forms
Order Instructions for Handbooks, Membership Banners, School Directories, Rule Books

Order Materials from the WIAA

School Orders

Schools and school personnel can order publications such as rule books, handbooks, membership banners, and directories through MyWIAA by clicking "Order Materials from the WIAA" on the left menu under "My Tasks".  Users must either be a Master user for a school, or have online ordering permission to submit an order request using a purchase order.

Non-School Personnel Orders

Non-school personnel and individuals without online ordering credentials, please contact:

Aaron Roetcisoender

(425) 282-5245 

The WIAA does not accept credit cards for payment.

NFHS Publications Online Ordering
Items Available for Order:
  • Handbook
  • Membership Banner
  • School Directory
Rule Books:
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Spirit
  • Swimming & Diving
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

Medical/Physical Forms
Medical Emergency Authorization, Physical and Physical Update, Wrestling Skin Condition Evaluation, Youth Football Heat Risk, Participant Injury Report

Form Type Form Name Description
PDF  |  Word Medical Emergency Authorization Form This sample form is an outline to assist schools in creating a medical release form.
PDF  WIAA Physical Form The recommended pre-participation history, physical and authorization form.
PDF  |  Word WIAA Physical Update Once the physical form is on file, only the physical update is needed yearly to maintain a student's physical eligibility to participate.
PDF Wrestling Skin Condition Evaluation Report
PDF Youth Football Heat Risk Guidelines The published guidelines,  Youth Football: Heat Stress and Injury Risk, are based on recommendations from a national panel of experts who examined hydration, environment, and other factors which cause players to overheat.  The recommendations are designed for coaches, parents, and players to follow during preseason football practices.
Word Participant Injury Report Event injury report form to be used at all WIAA state events for injuries to PARTICIPANTS ONLY.

*For injury reports (L&I claims) for OFFICIALS please visit and fill out the L&I claim form.

Activity Sanction Forms
NFHS Fine Arts Sanction

Form Type Form Name Description
PDF  |  Word NFHS Fine Arts Sanction Required to hold an interstate fine arts activity.
Baden Sports
Dairy Farmers of Washington
Les Schwab Tires
Milgard School of Business
New Balance
Snap Raise
Local Ford Stores
Washington Army National Guard
Washington State Patrol
Sports Authority
ATI Physical Therapy
Northwest Sports Photography
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