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Dick Langum 
Administrator & Contributor, 1984-2012

Dick was a teacher, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, principal, and superintendent during his 30-year education career, serving the Monroe, Colfax and Cashmere school districts.

In 1984, as part of his professional duties, Dick became actively involved with Canfield and Associates, a third party administrative group servicing the insurance needs of Washington schools, as well as cities, counties and non-profit agencies. His entire adult life has been dedicated to providing a safe environment for the education of children, not only in the state of Washington, but also for the entire country. His knowledge and commitment to making youth sports safer by addressing concussions has made him a valuable resource to many coaches, athletic directors, and schools in the WIAA membership.

Dick has been a part of several committees and conferences where he has spoken about sports safety (1996-2013), some of which include the Medical Aspects of Sports Committee, WIAA Coaches School, Coaches School Express, athletic director meetings, WIAA Winter Coalition, and many others. He also provided a wide variety of answers, risk recommendations, and directions to several Canfield Risk Management workshops. His work with Canfield was instrumental for school districts throughout the State to take a closer look at risk management and safety concerns for students. His contributions have made him the “go-to” person in the state on topics ranging from facilities to helmet safety.

As part of Canfield’s risk management department, he worked closely with the claims department on head injury cases. In that role, he was one of the primary advocates and a contributing author of the Zackery Lystedt Law, which has become the concussion standard throughout the country. Even after the law passed in May 2009, he remained an invaluable contributor and counselor reaching out to other states to help them pass their own youth concussion laws.

Dick was awarded the Curt and Chee Chee Bruskland Award (2008) for outstanding service to Washington schools in the area of athletics and activities. Although Dick retired from Canfield at the end of 2012, he continues to be an active proponent of school athletic safety. His legacy is far reaching and will be recognized for years to come.

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