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May 2021

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5/13/2021 - Spence, Wiker Named 2021 WIAA/Dairy Farmers of Washington/Gesa Credit Union Smart Choices Scholarship Winners

5/10/2021 - WIAA Representative Assembly Passes Seven Amendments

5/7/2021 - "Down 17 With Four Minutes Left to Play" by Cole Clark, Freeman HS

WIAA Representative Assembly Passes Seven Amendments

RENTON, Wash. - The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Representative Assembly voted to pass seven amendments, the Association announced Monday.

The Representative Assembly is comprised of 53 (35 high school, 18 middle level) school administrators from each of the nine WIAA districts. For an amendment to pass, 60 percent approval is needed from voting members of the Assembly. A total of 32 votes are needed for a middle level/high school amendment to pass, while 21 votes are needed for a high school amendment to pass.

A total of seven amendments were passed, Monday, and will go into effect next school year with the exception of HS #9, which will go into effect at the conclusion of the 2021 spring season.

In addition to the seven amendments, three WIAA Executive Board positions were voted on as well. Scott Chamberlain (District 4), David Blakney (District 5) and Miles Caples (District 6) were elected to keep their positions on the Board.

Full language on each of the passed amendments can be seen here.

Passed Amendments

HS #2 18.11.5   A student is not varsity eligible if they transfer to a school after participating on a non-school team if one or more of the high school coaches were involved, and/or after receiving instruction or training, including weight training and conditioning, from a person affiliated with another school to which the student transfers. 25 10
ML/HS #3 18.15.0
Updates language in the WIAA handbook regarding appeals of eligibility regarding gender equity. 53 0 0
ML/HS #5 18.20.1 With league approval 1A high schools may utilize eighth graders. 32 21 0
ML/HS #6 18.23.1 Changes the definition of “regular” from no more than once to no more than once per week. 42 10 1
ML/HS #7 20.4.7 Adds a minimum of one hour in coaches standards for student mental health and diversity, equity and inclusion education. 49  4 0
HS #9 35.1.1

Eliminates the restriction of 20 days of coaching for summer football.

21 13 1
HS #10 44.4.7 A two-day wrestling tournament consisting of brackets larger than 16 individuals will count as one of the 16 allowed team dates. 26 9 0

Failed Amendments

ML/HS #1 17.5.1  Adds flag football, 7-on-7 football and sand volleyball to the sports that are considered to be separate and distinct from interscholastic sports. 23 30
ML/HS #4 18.20.1 

1B and 2B high schools may utilize eighth graders from non-WIAA member middle schools.

29 24 0
HS #8 30.1.0 High school basketball teams may participate in 20 games or 19 games plus one tournament for a total of up to 23 games. A WIAA foundation game or game against an international touring team will not count toward this total. 20 14 1

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