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WIAA/WOA Agreement - Supplemental Information for Wrestling

1. There would be a cap on the administrative fee. This was listed in the 2012-13 statewide agreement.

2. There would be a reduction in the weigh in fee. It would be reduced to a $50 flat weigh-in fee regardless of the size 
    of tournament, with the understanding that tournament personnel would have to assist in the weigh-in process. 
    Each association would determine how this would be applied in terms of how many officials would be sent for the 
    $50 fee.

3. In addition, there would be a consideration for the fact that schools were not paying an entry fee to the league/sub 
    regional/district tournaments. The rate for that tournament would be reduced from a $3/hr increase to a flat $1/hr 
    increase over the hourly rate for regular season tournament where schools are paying an entry fee.

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