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Throughout the fall season, staff members of both the WOA and WIAA have been working on the details of the newly formed RTO Program. The goal is to create a program that is mutually beneficial to the officials and schools. One component of the program is Observation.  The Observation Program will include video observations, as well as actual in-person observations. The sports include baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, and wrestling.

Currently, there are two options to submit game video:

1. Send a DVD of your game to: WOA, 435 Main Ave S, Renton 98057

2. Email the video/clip to WOA

*Note: We will take and potentially use all video submitted, but those with sound provide the best video in terms of the WOA providing feedback to the local association/board.

All game videos submitted to the WOA will be placed in the observation program. These videos will be distributed to observers throughout the state. The observers will review the selected games and look for specific details as determined by the WOA and WIAA.  Reports will then be submitted to the WOA to help determine changes and/or emphasis that need to occur within the approved training program.

In addition to video observation, the WOA will have observers attend games throughout the season to provide immediate feedback to crews at the conclusion of the game. The officials assigned to the contest are not aware of when observers are present. WOA observers have been issued an entry pass (attached) and we request that these be honored by all WIAA schools.

If there are any concerns or issues with the behavior of a WOA observer, please write down the name of the observer and contact the WOA.

The WOA reports progress on the RTO Program at each WIAA Board meeting. This report includes information about the finances of the program, number of games reviewed and any patterns observed.

We appreciate each school’s participation in the RTO Program. Please contact the WIAA or WOA if there are any questions on how to submit videos or any other questions pertaining to the program.


 Todd Stordahl                                                       Mike Colbrese
 WOA Commissioner                                             WIAA Executive Director

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