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Athletic Director Monthly Checklist  (PRINT: WORD | PDF)


Coaches Register for a MyWIAA account as athletic director if new AD or current AD switching school(s)
Contact Head coaches to poll their assistants about attendance for CPR/First Aid
Update coaches education records and notify coaches of their current status
Pre Season Find out eligibility hearing dates for Fall season
Review current WIAA Handbook, noting changes (shaded sections)

Rules Clinics for Fall Coaches
  • Concussion Management
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Additional coaches certifications (Cheer, Dance/Drill, Football, Swimming & Diving)
Arrange for First Aid/CPR classes
Remind Head Coaches about fall League coaches meetings
Contact police and Ambulance for home football games
Contact announcer/timer/chain crew for home football games
Contact event manager for home football, soccer, volleyball contests
Contact Team doctor for home football games and make sure they have schedules
Prepare Parent night presentation
Prepare and/or complete JV and C schedules
Prepare “Season Arrangements” for coaches and schedule Pre-Season Coaches Meeting
Confirm picture dates with team photographer
Attend Freshman Parent Orientations
Process all fall athletic participants paperwork – check eligibility concerns
Prepare coaches contracts for out-of-building coaches
Discuss theft and facility “etiquette” with coaches
Discuss etiquette with spirit team(s)
Football home games – Who will clean up stadium? If team, get a commitment from them
Check with Athletic Secretary or consult paperwork and coaches to see if any eligibility appeals are necessary for any of our transfer students
Make sure to arrange for transportation for away events
Send schedules to administrators and meet regarding game supervision
Review schedules and give athletic secretary the dates reservations are needed for overnight trips or ferries
Keys to coaches
Make sure lockers are ready to go with locks and paperwork for coaches
Contact insurance company Certificate of insurance for field use
Arrange for jamboree
Fiscal Pay Bills
Schedule meeting with ASB and Business Manager to review purchasing process
Program Report to school board the school's interscholastic program for the year
Prepare Booster Club board meeting agenda
Update Website; review web pages maintained by non-school personnel
Check with student government for promo events
Schedule and send out agenda for any Athletic Department meetings
Prepare yearly calendar, note scheduled games, league and district meetings, SAT and ACT dates
Send roster of all head, assistant and volunteer coaches to district office making sure that volunteer coaches are registered and cleared
Send maps to league members for game sites
Schedule picture day for local media
Review eligibility clearance – resident and academic rule prior to first competition
WIAA Send WIAA form for foreign exchange students to your District Eligibility Secretary
Enter varsity schedules, rosters and team photos on MaxPreps or MyWIAA (depends on sport/activity). For help on this click here.
Update WIAA Directory Information
Verify coach rules on MyWIAA
Verify sports/activities offered on MyWIAA
Review social media policy w/coaches, athletes, parents
Confirm officials via Arbiter
Submit forms needed for co-op and/or combined programs

Coaches Review w/coaches WIAA and local eligibility rules
Review coaches clock hours - Include those who attended August CPR/First aid classes
Review "Out-of Season" regulations at first coaches meeting
Fiscal Pay bills
League League AD meeting
Program Fall Sports Eligibility List on File
Individual Practice Rules met prior to competition
Review Fall Sports season regulations: Share information with administration and coaches, Note Deadlines
Review eligibility clearance - i.e.: resident and academic rule PRIOR to first competition (WIAA Handbook)
Finalize Fall sport team rosters, take team picture (if not already done)
Send rosters to opponents
Make sure visitor locker rooms are clean and ready for use
Request gate money and police checks for home contests
Write article for school newsletter or program
Eligibility paperwork deadline
Secure any off site gym space that might be needed for sports practice for winter
Weekly meeting with administrators
Prepare JV and C team roster and send with coach to contests to hand out to parents
Confirm with transportation director all fall events and departures
Submit forms needed for co-op and combined programs (if not already done)
Review school and WIAA calendar and look for scheduling conflicts
Post Season Selection of Qualifying play-off format, sites, managers and dates
Review state tournament allocation and tournament pairings/draws (submit info. to League Contact/Dist. Director)
WIAA State Amendment Process begins-check with your district director
Review Coaching Standards regulations
WIAA Classification count (odd years)

Fiscal Pay bills
Pre Season Prepare winter gym schedule for practices and contests
Advise winter coaches of Winter Rules Clinic dates
Winter contract to coaches
Inform police of basketball and wrestling home dates
Request officials for winter sports (Arbiter)
Program Weekly administrative meeting
Update website; review web pages maintained by non-school personnel
Faculty Meetings
Help promote events
Lost/Found – How are these items being processed?
Schedule, send out agenda for any Athletic Department meeting
Post Season Rosters and updated picture for all potential district/state tournament team sent to tournament manager and program printer (uploaded to MaxPreps or MyWIAA if not done in Aug./Sept.) For help on this click here.
Review League Standings for possible ties for play-offs and sites
Check with Athletic Secretary – order letter awards and pictures as needed for post season awards banquets
State Tourney info to coaches
Submit district and regional roster (via MyWIAA or MaxPreps) in timely fashion
Attend contests and practices at least once for each team at each level
Bill and thank advertiser(s) for sports program support
Check Tournament Dates and confirm room reservations for state tourney
Set end of season coaches meeting for the league coaches
Schedule Fall Sports Banquets
WIAA Apply for Academic Achievements Awards – Deadline is 3rd Friday in October annually
Pay WIAA membership and labor and industry fees
WIAA website for roster and schedule information for state tourneys, pictures
Amendment procedure should be in progress
WSSAAA/NIAAA National AD Conference registration and reservations hotel/plane

Coaches Online Rules Clinics
Eligibility Online Rules Clinic
Schedule, send out agenda for any athletic department meeting
Fiscal Pay bills
Bill advertisers for winter program
League All-league fall coaches meeting and pre-season for winter coaches
Pre Season Collect all eligibility information from winter sport athletes
Winter sports eligibility list on file
Announce first practice dates (winter)
Schedule winter sports parents meeting
Finalize gym practice schedules for winter sports
Finalize C schedules
Review all winter schedules for conflicts
Empty lockers, reassign for winter sports
Pre-season meetings with winter sport coaches
Send Winter schedules to officials (Arbiter)
Submit winter schedules/rosters to MaxPreps for team sports
Review Winter sports season guidelines
Share finalized winter sports season information (schedules, guidelines, etc.) with administration and coaches
Note deadlines for winter sports season (academic awards, roster and photo submissions, etc.)
Post all winter schedules, send to media and winter sports assigners
Contact ticket sellers
Program Update website
Arrange wrestling weight management assessments
Mail booster club meeting agenda
Order Academic Awards and Sportsmanship Awards through MyWIAA
Check winter tournament dates and look for school calendar conflicts
Winter sport night invitation
Winter sport parent night preparation
Prepare agenda/program for winter sports parent night
Arrange for AV equipment for parent night
Winter schedules to administrators for sign up of administration duties
Winter sports season arrangements
Winter team pictures - contact coaches and photographer for dates
Sports program prep - coach letters, rosters, schedules
Submit eligibility appeal paperwork to district eligibility chair
Arrange for event management for winter home contests
Post Season Arrange supervision for District/State events
Inventory fall sports equipment
Review qualifying and State Tournament information bulletins for fall sports
Inform administration and coaches of Bound for State Regulations for fall sports
Inform student body and media of plans, procedures, and rules for Fall State Championships
Selection of qualifying play-off sites and managers (league and district), finalize for winter sports
Meet with fall coaches for season evaluation, inventory and storage of equipment
WIAA Amendment proposals due second Friday in January
Pay WIAA membership and labor and industry fees
Input winter sport varsity schedules into MaxPreps
WSSAAA/NIAAA Hall of Fame nominees

Coaches Distribute Clinic Brochures to coaches
Pre Season Winter event preparation:
Ticket Sellers
Event Manager
Gate Cash
Program Observe at winter sports contests and practices - all levels
Weekly administrative meeting
Faculty Meetings
Update website
Concession stand - who is responsible? schedule, order process
Make necessary preparations for Holiday competitions
Obtain emergency numbers for Holiday break opponents in case of snow
Obtain emergency numbers for weekend contests where weather can be an issue
Review all winter schedules for conflicts
Confirm all transportation requests and review for conflicts
Schedule, send out agenda for any Athletic Department meetings
Equipment requests for fall sports
Post Season Review all winter tournament room reservations
WIAA Check for date of WIAA Winter Coalition meeting (3/20/17)
WSSAAA/NIAAA Attend the National Athletic Directors Conference
WSSAAA Board Representatives hand out State award and scholarship applications

Coaches Update coaches standards files
Schedule, send out agenda for any Athletic Department Meetings
Fiscal Pay bills
Review League Standings for possible ties, play-off format, procedures and sites
Attend league meeting
Program Finalize team rosters
Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Swimming, Bowling game day preparation
Take State pictures
Weekly administrative meeting
Faculty meetings
Check on purchases for concession stand
Update website
Local School Board presentation on National AD Conference (if attended) and thank you note to the board for allowing you to attend
Finalize fall sports schedules for next year
Post Season Wrestling (High School) complete Summary Record on Wrestling Participation
Review winter post season reservations
WIAA Apply for Winter Academic Achievement Awards - Deadline Second Friday in February (Bowling - last Friday in January)
Submit Amendments by second Friday in January
Cheer & Winter sport Tournament Registration
WSSAAA/NIAAA WSSAAA Conference Information
Each league should present to their WSSAAA Rep the following:
District AD of the Year candidates
Honor Awards
Scholarship Applications
Commendation Award Nominees - this should be completed at the January league meeting

Coaches Set all-league coaches meeting and spring pre-season league coaches meeting
League Attend league meeting
Pre Season Review all spring schedules and send transportation request to transportation department
Remind spring sport coaches of spring online rules clinic dates
Spring schedules to officials
Finalize spring sports schedules
Keys to spring sport coaches
Prepare indoor gym schedule for spring sports - rain
Make plan for cancelling sport events when rain occurs. What is deadline for cancellation? Who needs to be notified? How is a contest rescheduled?
Empty lockers, reassign for spring sports
Prepare parent night invitation and letter
Prepare spring schedules to be handed out at Feb. league meeting/avoid testing if possible
Program Weekly administrative meeting
Faculty meetings
Send request for Spring Sports officials associations with schedules
Set winter sports banquets and spring parents sports meeting
Spring sports contracts - copies to administrators
Spring schedules to administrators for sports supervision
Schedule/send out agenda for any Athletic Department meeting
Post Season Basketball (boys and girls) league, district and state playoff information; including picture, updated roster and team record. Send to local tournament manager and state tournament program printer
Send district basketball tourney information to press
Review league and district tourney sites and make transportation requests
State swimming, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics paperwork due - see district website
Basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming game preparation
Postseason attend district and state contests/events
Postseason meet with winter coaches for season evaluation, inventory and storage of equipment
Review qualifying and state tourney information bulletins for winter sports
Inform administration and coaches
Inform student body of plans, procedures and rules
Meet deadlines and responsibilities
Schedule Winter sports banquet
WIAA District/WIAA tournament supervisor pass list
Input baseball, softball and boys soccer varsity schedules to MaxPreps if you have not already done so
WSSAAA/NIAAA Register for State AD Conference including hotel reservations

Fiscal     Pay bills
League Attend league meeting
Spring sports eligibility lists on file
Pre Season Parent night preparation - schedules and other handouts
Contact appropriate person for needed AV equipment for parent night
Program Weekly administrative meeting
Faculty meetings
Prepare eligibility paperwork (if needed)
Spring sports team pictures
Spring sports program - pictures, articles, rosters, schedules
Update website
Schedule/send out agenda for any Athletic Department meeting
Individual practice rules met prior to first contest
Spring eligibility hearings
Confirm all spring schedules with school calendar and review for conflicts: ie - junior/senior prom
Post Season Winter sports inventory, storage of equipment. Equipment order for Winter sports
Winter sport spouse thank you letters
Selection of qualifying playoff sites, managers, play off format and dates for spring tournaments
WIAA Review proposed amendments for spring representative assembly. Inform coaches, administration and school board
WSSAAA/NIAAA Make arrangements for WSSAAA conference

Coaches Schedule coaches meeting to review your athletic handbook make needed changes for upcoming year
Fiscal     Coaches' salaries/budget to proposals for next year administrative team
Program Physical date with team physician for summer or call local clinic
Handle rainout and weekly schedule
Order flowers or gift for National Secretaries Day
Set date for summer maintenance work in gym
Basketball, wrestling, gymnastics scheduling for next year
Park department - request fields for next year
Review/set date maintenance work on scoreboards over the summer
Post Season State tournament info - fill out online teams going to State
For late April, early May League, District, Regional and State tournament information sent to qualifying manager and state tournament program printer
Finalize rosters, up-date scores and send pictures for state tournament programs
Review league standings for possible ties for play-offs to qualifying events
Check for tournament dates and confirm motel reservations for state events
WIAA Representative Assembly voting to act on proposed amendments
Apply to academic achievements awards - deadline 4th Friday in April
State academic championship applications due
WSSAAA/NIAAA State AD conference

Coaches End of year coaches meeting
Coaches review changes for student athletic handbook
Fiscal Pay bills
Officials bills
League League playoff information, gate lists, supervisors
Attend league meeting
Program Update school athletic code
Weekly administrative meeting
Faculty meetings
Update website
Set "end of year" board presentation
Load next year's schedules onto website or school calender
Schedule, send out agenda for any Athletic Department meeting
Confer with administration regarding enrollment plans for next school year
Schedule date for spring sports all-league meeting
Post Season State tournament preparations
Review qualifying and State tourney information bulletins for Spring sports
Inform administration of State tourney registration/photos/rosters
Inform student body of plans, procedures and rules
Meet deadlines and responsibilities
Spring sports spouse thank you letters
Prepare and schedule end of the yer coaches' breakfast, dinner or meeting. Show appreciation
Notify parents of date, site, cost, etc. for coming year
Fall sports scheduling
District playoff information, gate lists, supervisors, rosters
Schedule spring sports banquet
WIAA Review actions of Representative Assembly
WIAA insurance
Complete Membership Renewal and School Board Resolution

Coaches Meet with spring coaches for season evaluation, inventory and storage
Make arrangements for WIAA coaches school
Remind coaches if they need coaching clock hours
Fiscal Schedule end of the year meeting with ASB and District Business Manager to review budgeting and fiscal stability
Turn in ASB budget to high school ASB secretary for next year's budget
Notify all coaches of their budgets for next school year
Check with vendors regarding outstanding purchase orders
League Attend league meeting
Pre Season Send requests for Fall Sports Officials with schedules
Program Update school athletic code
Weekly administrative meeting
Faculty meetings
Confirm all fall schedules
Contact photographer for team pictures
Check for fall eligibility dates; Send letter to athletes not meeting eligibility in academics
Contact sports program advertiser for fall commitment
See that openings are posted, interviews scheduled and hire coaches for the following year
Get the end of the year report ready for board/administrators
Take list of coaches for the following year to the board for approval
Coaches summer letters prepared and reviewed
Write to all motels for next year tournaments reservations and confirm dates
Confirm/Schedule school physical exams
Send Athletic Code Books to be printed for fall handout
Prepare date for fall coaches and parent meetings
Schedule summer activities and facilities use. (ie: summer camps)
Review date for District summer meeting dates
Check with building administration and revieww dates for summer student activities
Review summer camps with coaches and use of school equipment, transportation and facilities
Post Season Lockers emptied
WIAA Check on WIAA membership forms

Family Take family/vacation time or you will not get through the next school year
Program Have packets for registration online or send out
Check dates for fall rules and mark on calendar

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