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Sabrina Bozich | Hanford High School

Author: Sabrina Bozich
Grade: Junior
School: Hanford
Mascot: Falcons
League: Mid-Columbia 3A/4A
Classification: 3A

Hanford High School: The Falcon Family

Hanford High School (HHS) is the #1 high school in Washington State, according to schooldigger.com. Hanford is a public high school located on the northern edge of Richland, Washington, next to WSU Tri-Cities, and is part of the Richland School District. The school's mascot is the Falcon, and our school colors are purple and gold. The high school was built in 1972 and originally was K-12. It is now a 3A school with approximately 1,500 positive, fun loving, and sometimes rowdy students. My school, the Hanford Falcons, isn’t just a school, its one big family. Like any family, we may not always see eye to eye, but we will always have each other’s backs!

Hanford High is a very diverse school. We have been strong in sports, cheer, clubs, and serving the community. The primary factor that separates Hanford from many other schools is the genuine concern for the community. Hanford students, faculty, and parents have had the reputation for its amazing sportsmanship and support.

Hanford High supporting Mac Graff
For example, Mac Graff, a quarterback from Chiawana, which is a rival high school, was severely hurt in a fall while he was out hunting. The Hanford family came together at a game, where we weren’t even playing Chiawana, and raised over $1,100 for the Graff family. We are also considered the Peace Keepers in the Tri-Cities. During the Southridge vs. Hanford game, we had 3 seniors go over to the opponent’s side to arrange a “Peace Treaty.”
Hanford Cheer Squad at Pink Game
This meant that no matter what happened during the game we would all stay friends (that’s the game where they won on a Hail Mary pass). After that game we kept our peace treaty and all went out to ice cream together, like nothing had happened. This is how most of the Hanford students almost, always act. The students have always showed their support for other students in WA by getting involved in challenges they hear about. Our student body wrote thousands of letters of encouragement to a fellow student going through cancer treatment. Another example of community support is the upcoming Red Cross blood drive put on by the Key Club. I participate in the blood drive at least twice a year, as do many of my fellow students. The goal is to raise 70 pints of blood to help save the lives of those who may need it in a time of crisis.

One of the groups at HHS that is leading the way in this philosophy is the cheer squad.  Here is the statement from their webpage: “The mission of the Hanford High School Cheerleading Team is to promote school spirit, sportsmanship, athleticism, teamwork and academic achievement by encouraging athletes, fellow students and fans through their enthusiasm, leadership, community service and high moral character.”  As 6-time Washington State Champions, 4-time State Sideline Champions, 9-time UCA Regional Champions, and 2-time National Champions, Hanford Cheer is proud to represent and uphold the pride and tradition of Hanford High School. During our annual “Pink Football Game,” we raised over $600 and donated the leftover pink shirts to a local hospital to give away to their patients. This was our cheerleader’s idea.

Couch Crew-Hanford High School
Another amazing group at my school is the Couch Crew. At Hanford we have a very unique student section at soccer games called “Couch Crew.” They are called this because they bring at least two couches to every soccer game and sit on them to not get in the way of the parents. We have heard from multiple schools that our couch crew is the loudest, rowdiest, most supportive student section at any high school they have ever been to.

Not only does Hanford High produce outstanding athletes, it produces and encourages their students to become outstanding people. The goal at HHS is to help each student understand that no matter what level they choose to strive for, they all add value to this world we live in.  HHS has produced students that have gone on to be incredible athletes, musicians, singers, executives, scholars, Nobel Peace Prize participants, and citizens. We have over 40 clubs that students can participate in.  Here are just some of the clubs available: DECA, Key club, Math club, Buddy club, Engineering club, Ecology club, International club, Knitting club, Recycle club, and the list goes on and on. With Homecoming being celebrated in the near future, HHS holds auditions for the Homecoming Assemblies to give students the opportunity to get involved in a very fun way.

Check out this LINK to see all that great things that go on at our school every week.

We, at HHS, know that life is not about the destination, it’s about enjoying the journey all along the way.  We like to look at it as the leaders of today helping the leaders of tomorrow.

We are the Hanford Falcons: We’re fresh, we’re fly, we soar high!


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