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Sabrina Bozich | Hanford HS: "The Falcon Way"
 4/11/2016 12:00:00 AM

Author: Sabrina Bozich
Grade: Senior
School: Hanford High School
Mascot: Falcons
League: Mid-Columbia 3A/4A
Classification: 3A

The Falcon Way

What does Falcon really stand for? At Hanford, the name of our school mascot is more than just an icon. It’s actually an acronym of our core values, what we strive to be like as a student body.

The F in Falcon stands for family. At Hanford, we are a family. We stick together like glue. At the beginning of this year we had 3 students, Zach, Gavin and Ryan pass away in one week. We all came together as a family and picked each other up. To increase our sense of family for the upcoming sports’ seasons, we have season kickoff tailgate parties out on the track. Afterward we go to whichever game follows, i.e. baseball, basketball or football.

The A in falcon stands for attitude. Attitude is a major one. As soon as you walk through the hallways you can feel the positivity and eagerness flowing throughout the students and staff. You can ask our wrestling coach/security guard how his day is going and his response is always “every day’s a holiday” and it shows in his coaching.

This brings us to what the L in falcon stands for which is leadership. At Hanford High School,in order to help us as student athletes stay accountable, we have a student athlete leadership club called “We Lead.” It helps develop team leadership skills and enhances life skills. We tend to bounce ideas off each other at these meetings about how to increase our falcon core values throughout our school and sports/clubs.

The C stands for compete. We strive to compete the best in everything we do. Our softball motto is “everything's a competition whether the person next to you knows it or not”-Coach Leslie Guereca. We also know that teaching our future generations to compete is important. That’s why our softball team puts on skills clinics for kids and it’s always a blast for all of us.

The O in falcon stands for one---- at a time. For softball we have one pitch at a time and one play at a time. If you don’t do everything one at a time you get the domino effect when errors are made. Without one at a time you can spiral into error after error. This concept also applies in school; we work one class at a time because it keeps your undivided attention on that class you are currently in.

The N stands for no excuses. You make an error, you accept the blame, fix it and do it correctly the next time. Same goes for school. You don’t turn your homework in, that’s all on you. You are in control of your actions and you control the controllables. What happens outside of your control doesn’t matter, it’s how you respond that will make the real difference. No excuses.

That’s the Falcon way.

From: Lesley Guereca 4/11/2016 12:00 PM

Great post Sabrina!! You are an excellent ambassador for our school and for Falcon Pride Culture! It's a privilege to coach you!

From: Dom Duncan 4/11/2016 2:16 PM

Great Job Sabrina!! You are a great member of the Falcon Family it has been an honor to coach you in softball and work with you as a trainer/manager as part of our wrestling family!!

From: Caroline Anderson 4/11/2016 7:07 PM

Falcon student body these are excellent values to carry into the rest of your lives! Way to put it out there Sabrina!

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