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 4/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

Sosna Araya
Kennedy Catholic, Class of 2021

At Kennedy Catholic, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has truly hurt students, teachers, faculty, parents, and the overall community. This past year has been draining and extremely tough for students, especially because of events that transpired earlier in the school year. In October, Kennedy faced a tragic departure of one of our beloved, heart-warming teachers named Jeff Behrends. Then again, in February, we had two more departures by two of the best, kindest, and overall amazing teachers at Kennedy - Paul Danforth and Michelle Beattie. Mr. Danforth was an English teacher for freshmen and seniors, and Ms. Beattie/Coach Beattie taught sophomore health, and was my varsity girls soccer coach...but they were much more than that to the students and teachers. They were mentors, friends, people who you can talk to and trust, and people to look up to, etc.

This all happened during the fall and winter seasons and our student body was honestly mentally and physically tired.  A lot of people I know, myself included, didn’t want to come to school anymore because we were sorrowful and frustrated with the current situation.  There weren’t people they could trust, or they didn’t feel safe with their feelings, etc. Springtime was supposed to be a time to at least try to get our mind off things because as students, we had no control over the devastating teacher departures - we could only control our reactions.

For me, spring was going to be a time of healing, and a last bang with my mostly-senior-populated club soccer team. All my friends who were doing spring sports were so excited because they’ve been waiting since the year before to play again, and once they were told they couldn’t play they were heartbroken. I feel awful, especially for the seniors because I’m really good friends with all of them, and they can’t show off their talent, have fun playing with their friends, or even have an outlet for their grief/anger of the ongoing events in their lives. Also, personally for me, I was going to go on Search, a spiritual retreat, where everyone that has been on it has said it has changed their lives for the better. since my freshamn year, I was so excited to go on this retreat, and the leaders had been planning this for six weeks, excited for us.  The coronavirus had other plans.

Unfortunately, my spring Search was cancelled, and everyone was sorrowful, especially the students who had gone before because they knew how important and big this retreat was to the spring Searchers. I feel especially bad for the leaders who had been planning this, and the seniors who were planning to attend who have never experienced it and will never experience it because it was cancelled. One of my great friends, who is a senior, my teammate, and was the head leader of Search cried when she found out it was cancelled-that’s how powerful it is. When the coronavirus cancelled our spring sports, Search, and even the last practices and tournaments of my club team, it shattered the hearts and wills of numerous individuals at Kennedy Catholic.


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