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Adam Husa - Mt. Si HS
 1/10/2013 12:00:00 AM

Author: Adam Husa
Grade: Junior
School: Mt. Si
Mascot: Wildcats
League: Kingco
Classification: 3A

My name is Adam Husa and I am currently a junior at Mount Si High School, home of the Wildcats. Mount Si is located within the Snoqualmie Valley; 20 minutes from Snoqualmie Pass to the east and 20 minutes from Issaquah to the west. We get the rap of being “hicks from the sticks” since we live out in the woods, but we just like to play that off to keep everyone entertained. If you still think we all are though, at least we got one thing going for us, football. This year I was lucky enough to be a part of Mount Si’s best football team in school history.

We started out the season unranked and expected to lose our first game against Kennedy Catholic. Well, we showed them what was up and won 30-0. Next game, Issaquah, usually a 4A powerhouse and a big rival of ours, was confident they could overtake us. Wrong, we crushed them 21-0. The rest of the season until week 7 we cruised smacking our opponents in the mouth with point totals of 267 to 12 (including the first two games). Week 7 we finally faced a challenge, Bellevue. Ranked #1 in the entire nation by ESPN, they cut our win streak with a 49-10 loss. We got back up however and continued to play strong keeping our rank at #2 in state heading into the playoffs. Our record was 8-1, with points now at 350- 75. Playoffs started and seniors from the opposing schools watched as their seasons ended quickly with wins over Auburn Mountain View (52-7), and Glacier Peak (52-19). Our next game we faced Kennedy Catholic, the same team we beat in our season opener. We gave them everything they asked for; a game on a Saturday and to exchange game film. We gave them everything so there would be no excuses when we destroyed them again.  We did just that, beat them 38-7. Mount Si had just broken school history. We fought past the second round of the playoffs (Auburn Mountain View was a play in), we were headed to the Tacoma Dome. Everyone was excited and we trained like champions. Everything we did that week was done like champions. Everything from practice to getting it done in the classroom was done like champions. It may not have been the championship on paper, but it was truly the championship in everyone else’s mind, we faced Bellevue once again. We came out fired up and ready to go. Bellevue’s first drive we forced them to a three and out which was amazing. A few drives later they muffed a punt which we recovered. Without hesitation a pass to the back of the end zone put us up 7-0. We were winning. This was the first time all season Bellevue had been behind in a game. The momentum was short lived however. After a few missed plays on offense and not capitalizing on a few select plays on defense, we found ourselves down 20 to 7 at half time. At half time our captains fired us back up and we came out strong. As the game progressed, we began to deteriorate but kept fighting till the end. The final whistle blew with us losing 37-7, a game I will never forget.

A shout out to my seniors who made this season one to remember and who put the team on their backs to carry us to the Dome. Best team in school history and I know we will all look back on this season and smile. Next year though, we will be working to be even better, with the inspiration of this year’s seniors already lighting the way. Go Cats!

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