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Sara Lindquist - Mercer Island HS
 2/12/2013 12:00:00 AM

Author: Sara Lindquist
Grade: Junior
School: Mercer Island Islanders
Mascot: Islanders
League: Kingco
Classification: 3A

Mercer Island’s Singing Valentines

So as we all know, Valentine's Day is coming up quickly! And what better way to make someone feel special than to send him or her an entourage of people dressed in pink to serenade them? At Mercer Island High School, on February 14th, a long-cherished tradition will occur once again this year.

Our school’s Midnight Blues Jazz Choir prepares four to five songs each February and goes into lunch the weeks leading up to Valentines Day and sells a singing gram, which you can send to any peer or staff member for only a small fee.  The buyer gets a slip of paper to choose which of the five songs they would like to send, and then they write the name of the person they want to send it to.  Then, once the big day rolls around, you will start to see the ensemble of highly talented a cappella singers make its way into third period classes.  The members of the Jazz choir, who are all decked out in pink and red, will call the lucky receiver of the singing gram up to the front of the classroom and have them sit in a chair while the singers parade around them.  Spectators often sing along and snap a few photos or videos! :) This is a very popular tradition at our school and the majority of the student body chooses to participate every year.

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday to share with the people you care about, so what better way to show a little love then to send a singing valentine.  I look forward to this fun tradition every year and will count down the days with the rest of my peers until we hear the sound of love songs coming from the classrooms! I encourage all schools to implement something like this on Valentines Day to bring the student body together in a celebration of kindness towards one another.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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