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Kathy Le Henry Foss HS | Homecoming or Home-making?
 10/31/2017 12:00:00 AM


Author: Kathy Le
Grade: Senior
School: Henry Foss HS
Mascot: Falcons
League: South Puget Sound
Classification: 2A

Homecoming or Home-making?

Homecoming theme: James Bond

Homecoming is a special time of year for most high school students, and it is especially so for the students at Henry Foss High School. Although the dance, football game, and returning of the alumni themselves are fun and exciting, it is the process that truly defines our Foss Family.

Preparation begins a month before the event and it is loaded with ongoing weeks of stress and glitter. ASB starts off by decorating the main hallway with different elements of the theme to hype up school spirit and arouse interest in the dance. Although this itself may already seem intricate, it is only the warm-up because the following weeks becomes much more intense. The real family-defining moment occurs when we start to plan our homecoming assembly. It has become a tradition at Foss to go all out on our decorations and as a result, we leave our blood, sweat, and tears on the gym floor every year.

Homecoming theme: James Bond

Typically, our assembly is a big skit in the dark (with spotlights, of course) that involves a lot of efforts from our student body. With our Red Carpet theme, the storyline was about a country girl making it big in New York City as a popstar, and along the way, she would get help from the royalties whom would each get their shining moment to strut out on a lit-up stage.

Each scene of her journey had a correlating, decorated area of the gym that allowed the story to be brought to life, and sprinkled throughout the skit were crowd-involvement games. We always stage fake hero-villain fighting scenes, damsel-in-distress rescues, dances, and any other suggestions that would pump up our student body. All of this takes more than our ASB class of 28 students – it takes help from everybody.

Homecoming theme: Fairytale

In a crisis of a workload this abundant, we big turnout of volunteers to help ease our stress, even people who normally are not involved in school activities. We would get a plethora of helping hands to act in the skit, set up lights and decorations, and make the entire process a more pleasant experience. This creates a better sense of family and home-making because in a time of need, our peers stepped up to support one another and as a result, the
assembly becomes a product of the student body and not just ASB. Our hard work pays off in the end as we see our faculties and students enjoying the assembly and knowing that we have just built a better relationship within our school. I hope that out of all our school traditions, this is the one that lasts forever.


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