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2015 Track & Field Rule Changes
 5/5/2015 12:00:00 AM

Track and Field Rules Changes - 2015
By NFHS on November 21, 2014
track & field/cross country

1-4: As an option to be determined by the games committee or meet director, the order of events for indoor competition shall consist of the 55-meter or 60-meter High Hurdles, Dash and Low Hurdles.  With no action, the standard events’ distance shall be 55-meters.

Rationale: Many indoor events are run in college facilities, which are set up for the 60-meter distance. Allowing this as an option eliminates special marking of the facility for the hurdles and dash.

4-3-3, 9-6-3: The prohibition of wearing jewelry has been removed from the rules for track and  field and cross country competition.  As in previous years, the wearing of a medical alert with the alert visible continues and is encouraged for purposes of risk minimization.

Rationale: The prohibition of jewelry is not necessary in track and field and cross country. The wearing of jewelry ordinarily presents little risk of injury to either the competitor or opponents. Elimination of the rule allows officials to focus on meet administration directly related to competition.  Coaches continue to have the obligation to see that competitors are properly equipped.

6-2-9, 6-4-9a, 6-5-9a, 6-6-11h, 7-2-11, 7-4-14d, 7-5-29e, 7-6-13f: Clarifies that a competitor shall be charged with a foul if he/she does not initiate a trial within one minute after the competitor’s name has been called.

Rationale: Clarifies that a competitor must initiate a trial within the time limit, with completion of that trial allowed beyond the prescribed time.

6-2-17 NOTE, 6-6-9, 7-2-17NOTE 1: Establishes the procedure to follow should a legal implement break during an attempt and a replacement trial awarded or at the completion of an attempt with the result recorded and no replacement trial.

Rationale: Allows for an additional trial when an implement breaks and becomes non-compliant during competition due to no fault of the competitor. Reorganizes and places rule within general rules for throwing and jumping events.

6-4-9f, 6-5-9g, 6-6-11g: It is no longer a foul if the competitor is not under control before legally exiting the competition area after the implement has landed.

Rationale: Maintains consistency with current trends in track and field.

6-4-9g, 6-5-9h, 6-6-11f: The event judge no longer calls “Mark” when an implement has landed and there has been no foul by the competitor.

Rationale: Maintains consistency with current trends in track and field.

7-2-11: A crossbar displaced by a force disassociated with the competitor after he/she is legally and clearly over the crossbar shall not be a fault.

Rationale: Addresses possible influence of an outside force on the crossbar on an otherwise successful attempt.

8-1-1, 2: An option is available to conduct the boys decathlon and the pentathlon running the 1600- or 1500-meter run.  With no action, the 1600-meter run shall be the standard event distance to be included.

Rationale: When using the IAAF standard scoring, the 1500-meter run is the standard distance. Either distance should be accepted as both can be scored.

8-2-1f  New: The indoor weight throw may be included in the order of events for indoor meets.

Rationale: Presently, the shot put is the only event for throwers at indoor meets.

2015 Track and Field Major Editorial Changes   

5-12-1, 5-14-2f: Removes “impedes” from rules, as it is unnecessary when the rule already addresses interference.

5-13-2: Interference is defined in Rule 5-9 and the extra reference to “stride” is unnecessary and removed.

5-13-3,4: Reorganized Rule 5-13 for clarity by moving non-infraction actions into Articles 3 and 4.

7-2-12: Clarifies competitor with best mark in preliminaries goes last in the finals, including after excused competitors have completed their trials.

2015 Track and Field Editorial Changes

2-2-2, 2-2-3, 3-10-4, 4-6, 4-6-4, 4-6-5, 4-6-5 NOTE 3, 6-2-5, 6-3-1, 6-4-6 NOTE 3, 7-2-1, 7-2-8, 7-3-2, 7-3-2a(1), 7-3-2c, 7-4-15, 7-5-10, 7-5-13, 7-5-15, 7-5-17, 7-5-30, 7-6-8, 7-6-17a

2015 Track and Field Points of Emphasis

1.  Risk minimization in the hammer and weight throws
2.  Proper flagging in the throwing events
3.  Legal implements breaking and becoming non-compliant during competition
4.  Displacement of the crossbar not associated with competitor
5.  Jewelry restriction removed
6.  Head event judge mechanics – throwing events 

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