November 2010
11/29/2010 - FINAL REMINDER: Regional Wrestling Alignment Survey

11/27/2010 - Colfax Versus Waitsburg-Prescott and Finals Weekend Game Changes

11/27/2010 - Colfax Versus Waitsburg-Prescott At Martin Stadium Postponed

11/26/2010 - 2A, 4A Joe Albi Games Rescheduled To Tacoma Dome

11/16/2010 - Response Needed: Regional Wrestling Alignment Survey

11/16/2010 - WIAA Executive Board Action For November Meeting

11/15/2010 - WIAA Announces State Soccer Championships

11/10/2010 -  Fall State Championships Continue with Volleyball and Swimming & Diving

11/10/2010 - WIAA Drill Down: November 2010

11/5/2010 - WIAA LEAP Sub-Committee

11/2/2010 - Vital - Soccer uniforms

11/1/2010 - State Cross Country Set to Begin Fall State Championships

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  • WIAA LEAP Sub-Committee

    WIAA | Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

    CONGRATULATIONS! on being selected to represent your school as a member of the WIAA’s 2010-11 LEAP Sub-Committee.  If we received a mailing address for you, we mailed you a letter with all of this information as well as a pass for entry into the 2010-11 state championships.  If you did not receive a letter, we probably don't have your mailing address, so please email that to me at

    LEAP (Leadership through Education, Activities and Personal Development) was formed in 2007 with the goal of providing student representatives with the unique opportunity to be the voice of Washington’s nearly 230,000 student-participants. 

    One of the fundamental goals of LEAP is for members to discuss topics affecting WIAA member schools and provide unique perspectives from the diverse cities, schools, sports, activities, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds that they represent. The core committee is made up of twelve (12) juniors and seniors from throughout the state.  This group meets about 4-5 times annually at the WIAA Office.

    This is the first year of the Sub-Committee, which has been created to encourage expanded participation around the state by accepting representatives from ALL WIAA member schools.  We will be communicating with you primarily by email, so PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL REGULARLY FOR UPDATES.  Your role as a Sub-Committee member will include the following responsibilities:

    • Provide feedback to the WIAA via surveys, email dialogues, etc.
    • Provide discussion topics for upcoming L.E.A.P. Committee meetings
    • Serve as a liaison in your school with the student body, Principal, and Athletic Director
    • Participate in various WIAA leadership initiatives and state championship-related projects


    We have a few initial tasks we’d like you to complete for us…

    1. If you have a Facebook account, log on to Facebook, and find the WIAA Facebook page ( and “Like” us!  We use this page to share important high school-related stories from around the state and to post important event information about WIAA State Championships.
    2. Suggest this page to all of YOUR friends.
    3. Our next LEAP meeting is THIS Sunday, November 7.  Please email us with any discussion topics that you would like to have the group discuss.  You can include things related specifically to what is happening at your school, or more general questions that apply to the entire state.   After the meeting, we will follow up with meeting notes for you.  Questions and topics can be emailed to Andy Knapp at


    Public Service Announcements

    The LEAP Committee is developing student-produced PSAs for distribution among radio stations and high schools around the state.  Once these PSAs are finished, we will make them available for download on the WIAA Web site and we’ll ask that you share them with your schools.  If you have a great idea for a PSA, please write it and email it to us!  We ask that each PSA be approximately 30-seconds in length.

    “Coins for A Cause” Coin Drive

    The LEAP Committee will be conducting a coin drive to benefit Special Olympics Washington at the State Football and State Basketball Championships.  We will be organizing the coin collection as a halftime activity between participating schools.  We will send out event information as we get closer to the tournaments in case you are interested in volunteering.

    “Just Play Fair!” Sportsmanship Program

    We will be examining the WIAA’s current sportsmanship program and looking for ways to improve and enhance it.  Part of this initiative will be the distribution of “Just Play Fair!” giveaways at state championship events.


    Enclosed in this letter you will find a “Limited Access” pass for entry into ALL WIAA State Championship events.  Feel free to attend any of the WIAA events that are in your area.  We will continue to keep you updated on any volunteer opportunities at the events throughout the year in case you are interested in helping out.  Please remember that this pass is a privilege of your participation in the LEAP program and do not abuse this benefit (i.e. do not share your pass with someone else).

    Thanks again for your participation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


    Andy Knapp

    WIAA Director of Marketing, Promotions & Corporate Partners  |
    (425) 282-5235