August 2014
8/11/2014 - WIAA/MaxPreps Partnership Introduction and FAQ

8/4/2014 - WIAA Coaches School Evaluation

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  • WIAA/MaxPreps Partnership Introduction and FAQ

    WIAA | Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

    Attention all WIAA Districts and Member Schools:

    The WIAA is excited to announce a three-year partnership with MaxPreps to be the “Official Digital Media Partner and Statistician” of the WIAA.   The WIAA’s partnership with MaxPreps will provide all member schools with a free platform and streamlined process to submit information for important WIAA initiatives that will lead to increased accuracy, visibility, and efficiency for the sharing of high school sports information that is fundamental for the positive growth of Washington’s school programs.  This partnership will allow MaxPreps to send all information automatically to the WIAA to efficiently manage statewide regular season standings, WIAA records, roster information, team photos, State Championship media publications, and much more.

    In order to accurately manage these important initiatives, WIAA schools and coaches are responsible for updating their schedules, rosters, scores and team photos on MaxPreps throughout the season.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which sports are included?
    Initially, the partnership will include:  Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Softball and Girls Volleyball.  All other WIAA sports can still use MaxPreps’ free platform to manage their team information, but are not directed by the WIAA to do so at this time.

    What do I need to do?
    In order to have accurate, up-to-date information, athletic directors need to make sure all coaches from the above sports keep their team information updated on MaxPreps.   Although MaxPreps and the WIAA are providing sign-up instructions to all coaches, you can simply tell your coach to contact MaxPreps at 800-329-7324 x1 or, to sign up today.

    How do I get signed up to start using MaxPreps?
    Complete sign-up instructions are available HERE.

    Is MaxPreps compatible with other stat programs?
    Yes! In addition to MaxPreps’ own mobile, tablet, and desktop tools, MaxPreps is compatible with over 40 different stat companies across multiple sports.  Click HERE to view MaxPreps’ stat partners

    What’s new with MaxPreps?
    MaxPreps is launching a new iPhone/iPad app for coaches and athletic directors.  An Android app will follow in the months ahead.  Coaches will be able to manage rosters (including roster photos), team schedules, update results, and send messages (including map directions) to their athletes.  The app will ping coaches after games to remind them to enter a box score directly on their phones.

    NEW MaxPreps iOS Coach App Available for FREE
    MaxPreps recently released the MPCoach app, a FREE iOS app available via iTunes that gives coaches the ability to update schedules, rosters and scores, along with several other convenient team communication tools.


    Can coaches allow a team statistician or assistant coach to help manage their team information?
    Yes!  Once the coach has access to their team page, they can give other individuals access to their page to help keep their team information accurate and up-to-date.

    Can athletic directors control their MaxPreps team pages, if desired?
    Yes.  Athletic directors can control every single team page from their free “School Administration” page on MaxPreps.  While MaxPreps recommends coaches are responsible for their own team information, MaxPreps provides 100% free reporting, communication, and school management tools for athletic directors, if desired.   In order to gain access to your school administration page, please contact MaxPreps at 800-329-7324 x1 or, to sign up today.

    The WIAA is excited to bring this great partnership to its member schools, teams, coaches, players and communities.  The success of this partnership relies solely on you and your coaches taking a moment as needed to keep your teams’ information up-to-date.

    MaxPreps Contact Information:   (800) 329-7324 x1 or
    WIAA Staff Contact Information:   Conor Laffey, (425) 687-8585 or

    Your continued support and communication with this office is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all you do!

    Mike Colbrese, WIAA Executive Director