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New Member School Enrollment Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) member school. Please fill out the following form to provide the WIAA with information about your school.

Steps for Joining WIAA Membership:
1. Complete this form as a new member to WIAA

        a. School profile will be created in WIAA database and in WIAA Directory
        b. Athletic Director contact will receive a MyWIAA Account
        c. Coaches will receive MyWIAA Accounts via Athletic Director to complete rules clinics, track certifications, clock hours, etc.
        d. School will be invoiced Membership Dues (annually each fall)
        e. School will be mailed a WIAA Handbook, applicable sport/activity rules books, Welcome letter, and a WIAA Member School banner to hang in the school.

2. Complete the School Board Resolution available at wiaa.com/forms

3. Reach out to the WIAA District your school would like to join to request membership. WIAA District Director contact information can be found HERE.

4. Reach out to the League your school would like to join to request membership and coordinate competition schedule. If you do not know which league to request to join, please contact:
    Andy Barnes

* = required field

* School Formal Name
* School Type

* Main Phone Number
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Format:(xxx) xxx-xxxx

School Address
* Street Address
Street Address 2
(If applicable)

* City
* State
* Zip
* Principal First Name
* Principal Last Name
* E-mail
* Phone Number
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Athletic Director
* AD First Name
* AD Last Name
* E-mail
* Phone Number
(Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx)

Athletic Secretary
* AD Secretary First Name
* AD Secretary Last Name
* E-mail
* Phone Number
(Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx)

WIAA Contact (must be a school board member)
* WIAA Contact First Name
* WIAA Contact Last Name
* E-mail
* Phone Number
(Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx)

School District Superintendent/Head of School
* Superintendent First Name
* Superintendent Last Name
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Superintendent's Secretary
* First Name
* Last Name
* Email
* Phone Number
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Additional Information
* School District
* Sports/Activities School Plans to Offer Interscholastically in First Year of WIAA Membership (Select all that apply)

This will assist with sending the school the proper rules books and assessing correct membership dues in the fall.

* School League(s)*
New member schools will need to send request(s) to league(s) to join.

*If more than one league, list league and sport.

Basketball League
(if applicable)

* School Colors
* School Mascot
* School Type
* If 9th grade is housed at Middle School/Junior High, do they play at the High School level?
(check only one)

If yes to previous question, which High School?
* Submitter Email
(a copy of the submitted form will be sent to the email listed.)

Average Monthly Enrollment
The number of Individual Pupils as Reported to Superintendent of Public Instruction Office on monthly report of School District Enrollment (Form No. P223), Section A, Column 1, plus full-time running start, and registered home school students determines each individual school's enrollment.
  7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Total Enrollment
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