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April 2020

4/29/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - WIAA Eligibility

4/26/2020 - Student Stories: "Remember What's Important," by Billy Simpkin, Kiona-Benton HS

4/24/2020 - WIAA Announces 2019-20 Scholastic Cup Winners

4/22/2020 - "Preparing for College Admissions During COVID-19" live webinar presented by Gesa Credit Union: April 29th, 6:30pm

4/22/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesdays - WIAA Staff

4/17/2020 - Student Stories: "Renewed Appreciation," by Melody Wilkie, South Whidbey HS

4/16/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Trevor Moawad

4/16/2020 - #BeTheLightWA

4/13/2020 - Student Stories: "Stay Strong, Stay Determined," by Kamryn Shannon, Ephrata HS

4/9/2020 - Student Stories: "We're In This Together," by Allison Yajko, Skyview HS

4/8/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Betsy Butterick

4/7/2020 - Student Stories: "High School Roller Coaster," by Bella Vance, Thomas Jefferson HS

4/5/2020 - Student Stories: "On Hold," by Fiona Clayton, Cleveland HS

4/4/2020 - Student Stories: "You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone," by Kjirstin Hopfer, Ocosta HS

4/1/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - 3Dimensional Coaching



This Friday (April 17), schools around the state of Washington will turn on their stadium lights at 8:20 p.m. (20:20) to honor the senior class of 2020 which had its season cut short due to COVID-19. The WIAA stands with all the student-participants affected and is asking member schools to share a photo or short video of their illuminated stadium on Friday evening.

We encourage communities to celebrate the 2020 senior class in accordance with the current statewide social-distancing orders and not gathering at the venue. Every school will undoubtedly put its own spin on what the celebration looks like, but no exceptions should be made to the social-distancing order. Please make these tributes fun by making them safe!

To share your photos and videos:

  • Use the hashtag #BeTheLightWA on social media posts so fans around the state can celebrate these seniors
  • Submit your best photo/video through the link below

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