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May 2020

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WIAA Representative Assembly Passes 18 Amendments

RENTON, Wash. - The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Representative Assembly voted to pass 18 amendments, the Association announced Monday.

The Representative Assembly is comprised of 53 (35 high school, 18 middle level) school administrators from each of the nine WIAA districts. For an amendment to pass, 60 percent approval is needed from voting members of the Assembly. A total of 32 votes are needed for a middle level/high school amendment to pass, while 21 votes are needed for a high school amendment to pass.

A total of 18 amendments were passed, Monday while five proposed amendments did not receive enough votes. Passed amendments go into effect the following school year with the exception of two of the 18 amendments that passed in 2020. The tiered membership fee structure will go into effect immediately during the 2019-20 school year. The amendment allowing 2B schools to use free-and-reduced lunch counts to determine final enrollment numbers will go into effect at the next classification cycle (2024-28).

In addition to the 18 amendments, three WIAA Executive Board positions were voted on as well. Harlan Kredit (District 1), Tim Thomsen (District 3) and Greg Whitmore (District 7) were elected to keep there positions on the Board.

Full language on each of the passed amendments can be seen here.

Passed Amendments

Amend. #   Rule Summary  NP
 ML/HS #1 3.6.0  Service fees will be based on a flat fee tiered schedule 53  
 HS #2 4.3.0  2B schools can utilize the free and reduced lunch adjusted enrollment count. 24  11   
 ML/HS #3 7.3.2A  WIAA Executive Board can approve a two-year trial of a new activity/sport. 44  
 HS #4 17.3.2  Individuals/teams that play during the alternate season may not exceed 20 practices prior to the first round of the state tournament with the first practice beginning on the Monday of NFHS Week 41. 34
 ML/HS #5 17.12.4  Practices from one sport may be transferred to another sport except football during the same season provided practice begins within three school business days following the last practice in the previous sport. 53  
 HS #7 18.10.4 Any family unit move within the 50-mile radius requires continuous enrollment at the private school. 31 3 1
 HS #8  A student, including F-1 Visa student, coming from outside the 50-mile radius upon enrollment to a private boarding school based upon religious preference would be varsity eligible. 24 
 HS #9    18.11.2.G  A student who transfers shall have eligibility at the new school only during the window of transfer. 26  
 HS #10 18.11.2.H  A student who choices outside their residence area is eligible only at that school even if the family unit moves. 28   
 ML/HS #12 18.17.0  With school, league and district approval, sixth graders may participate in any WIAA sport except football. The out-of-season rules would also apply. 32 21   
 ML/HS #15 18.27.3.C  WIAA staff may increase a suspension based upon the aggressive conduct, inappropriate language, and/or circumstances following an ejection. 46   
 ML/HS #16 19.13.2  Following review of a video sent by an appealing school, WIAA staff have the ability to suspend a participant if their behavior warranted an ejection but was unseen by the officials. 44  
 ML/HS #18 30.6.3  A 30-second shot clock will be utilized by both boys and girls basketball. 50  
 HS #19 35.3.2  Contact may be allowed only during one of the 2-a-day workouts in football. 27
 HS #20 35.7.0  1B schools may play six-person football. A maximum of 16 players will be allowed to suit up during a contest. 32  
 HS #21 43.1.0 High school volleyball teams may schedule 18 matches. 22 12 1
 HS #22    44.4.0 Each wrestler may wrestle in up to six (6) matches in a day (limited to five (5) by NFHS rules.) 28 7
 HS #23 44.7.2 Eliminates the requirement for wrestlers to compete in four (4) competitions before the qualifying event. 29 6

Failed Amendments

Amend. # Rule Summary  S   O   NP
 ML/HS #6 17.14.2   Middle level individuals or teams may compete against non-school teams of comparable age. 16 37   
 HS #11 18.11.5  A student is not varsity eligible if they transfer to a school to join a player or coach from a non-school team even if the family unit moves. 11 24   
 ML/HS #13 18.20.0   High schools may utilize eighth graders from non-member middle schools. 19 31 
 ML/HS #14 18.20.0   With league approval 1A high schools may utilize eighth graders. 28 23 
 HS #17 30.3.6  High school basketball teams may schedule 24 games  4 31   
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