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June 2020

6/25/2020 - WIAA LEAP Committee Class of 2022 Selected

6/24/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Rjay Barsh/Dave Tikker

6/22/2020 - WIAA Return-To-Activity Guidelines

6/17/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Phil Rison/Greg Whitmore

6/12/2020 - WIAA/WOA Co-Op Agreement + ArbiterGame Implementation & Training

6/10/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Positive Coaching Alliance/WIAA-WOA Co-Op

6/10/2020 - WIAA Return-To-Play Guiding Principles

6/3/2020 - Statement from the WIAA

Statement from the WIAA

The WIAA unequivocally condemns racism, hate and all actions motivated by social injustice. We are sickened by the senseless killing of George Floyd and outraged at the mocking of his death by a coach in our state. To be clear, the WIAA does not hire or supervise coaches at individual schools. We do, however, recognize the critical role that coaches play in the lives of our future leaders, and we are committed to working with our member schools to create a fair, safe, and equitable environment for our student participants and everyone else who supports our school programs.

This can only happen by acknowledging the systemic racism that continues to result in acts of violence and injustice around our country, and by working diligently to remove the barriers that students and families of color face here in our state. For change to occur in this country, it will require both reflection and action from every person, business and organization moving forward. We will be part of that change.

Very few events have the ability to build community like education-based athletics and activities. The WIAA’s mission is to provide opportunities for all students to become active participants in their schools and communities. When we return to play, the WIAA will continue offering opportunities for all our students to make their dreams reality and our communities places in which we all feel welcome and safe.

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