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May 2020

5/28/2020 - Foundation Games Approved for 2020-21 School Year

5/27/2020 - "Patience Needed as States Develop Plans for Restarting High School Sports, Performing Arts," by Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, NFHS Executive Director

5/27/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Jen Cohen/Mick Hoffman

5/21/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Collin Henderson/Mick Hoffman

5/21/2020 - Student Stories: "Hope Is Not Cancelled," by Nancy Phan, Rogers (Spokane) HS

5/15/2020 - Breland, Parrish Named 2020 WIAA/Dairy Farmers of Washington/Les Schwab Tires Smart Choices Scholarship Winners

5/14/2020 - "Fighting Today's Fraud" on-demand webinar presented by Gesa Credit Union

5/14/2020 - State Basketball Format Fan/Student Survey

5/13/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Dr. Ken Briggs/Andy Barnes

5/11/2020 - WIAA Representative Assembly Passes 18 Amendments

5/7/2020 - WSSAAA Wednesday - Coyte Cooper/Jeff Lowell

5/4/2020 - COVID-19 Updates

5/1/2020 -  WIAA and FinalForms Announce Strategic Partnership

COVID-19 Updates

(5/6/2020) WIAA Philosophy on Addressing Student Eligibility Concerns as a Result of COVID-19

The WIAA has been deeply saddened that our high school students lost the opportunity to participate for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. However, we are thankful we have a handbook with extensive language around student eligibility and a comprehensive process for students to appeal eligibility concerns.

As we move toward the return of school and participation in education-based activities, we anticipate many unique and challenging situations that may impact eligibility. We encourage the leaders in our membership to help each family navigate the eligibility process with compassion, grace and understanding. Our eligibility committees will be equally diligent in processing eligibility appeals and working to help students gain eligibility within the rules of the organization.

A key component of eligibility appeals are found in the presence of a hardship. A hardship is not only a unique circumstance beyond the control of the student or family, it must also be totally different from those that exist for the majority or even a small minority of students. For eligibility purposes, the WIAA has deemed that COVID-19 is not, in and of itself, a hardship. However, this does not preclude a student from having a hardship as a result of  COVID-19. Every student has been impacted by COVID-19, however not every student has a direct, causal relationship between the eligibility rule and their inability to meet such rule as a result of COVID-19. 

It is the intention of the WIAA to address each individual concern through our statewide eligibility process.

The eligibility process for students is the responsibility of the Athletic Director at each member school. If an Athletic Director deems a student ineligible due to not being able to fully meet the eligibility requirements, an appeal process is available. The Athletic Director will help the family navigate the appeal process. The appeal process could result in one of two options: Granted Without a Hearing (this would happen as a result of an appeal packet having complete paperwork that meets the WIAA definition of a Hardship) or an Eligibility Hearing. Eligibility appeals are done at the beginning of the season in which the ineligibility is present. 


(5/4/2020) Division I Basketball Showcase Cancelled

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and the Washington Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association have made the decision to cancel the Division I Basketball Showcase scheduled for June 27-28 at Bellevue College.

This decision was made with the safety of participants in mind as this event requires travel from coaches and athletes from around the state of Washington and the United States. Due to the uncertainty of this health crisis and the recruiting window set forth by the NCAA, there are no plans to reschedule the event at this time.

(4/6/2020) WIAA Update Regarding Spring Season

The WIAA has received clarification that the order issued by Governor Inslee on Monday includes the cancellation of all in-person extracurricular athletics and activities through the end of the school year. This will include all regular season contests and practices as well as all postseason tournaments and championship events.

The decision was undoubtedly a difficult one for Governor Inslee. However, it was done so to keep the students and families of Washington safe. The WIAA Executive Board and the WIAA Staff feel for those students around the state that have had their seasons or careers cut short. This terrible disease has not only prevented students from creating lifelong memories through competition, it has limited the valuable lessons gained through participation in education-based athletics and activities.

The WIAA will continue to work with member schools around the state of Washington to navigate this unprecedented time. We have already seen some outstanding examples of athletic directors and coaches making the best of their situations and we know that work will continue.

(4/2/2020) 2-Minute Drill: Executive Director Mick Hoffman

(3/25/2020) Spring Sports Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to clarify the plan to return to spring sports as soon as our current health situation allows, WIAA staff have created a list of frequently asked questions for each sport. The answers to these questions are based on the information available to us at this time and is based on the current timeline for students to return to school set out by Governor Inslee. As the situation evolves, the WIAA will adapt in-turn and update key information as needed. 


Q – If inclement weather affects teams in western Washington, will the teams in eastern Washington also be restricted?

A – No.  Once the minimum practice requirements have been met, teams will be allowed to play, no matter their location in Washington.
Q – How will teams qualify for state?
A – Each league and WIAA District will determine the means for teams to qualify to fill the allocations to regionals.
Q – Is there a chance that the state championships could be postponed into June?
A –The championships would not be postponed into June due to scheduled graduations.

Q – Do the practice requirements and practice restriction waiver apply to middle level and high school?
A – Yes, the practice rules apply to all member schools.


Q – Will the pitch count still be in place?

A – Yes.  Remember that the pitch count is a daily limit, not necessarily a game limit, but care should be taken to insure that pitchers are not exceeding their arm strength and conditioning during this shortened season.  Coaches have an obligation to take care of their pitchers.
Q – Will teams be allowed to play shortened games in an attempt to compete against more teams?
A – Yes.  Five (5) innings constitute a complete game according to the NFHS rules and would be a good option.
Q – What is the latest date that games could be played to qualify teams for regionals?
A – Tuesday, May 19, will be the final day for teams to qualify for regionals with the state championships to be played on May 29-30.


Q – Will teams be allowed to play shortened games in an attempt to compete against more teams?

A – Yes.  One half constitutes a complete game according to the NFHS rules and would be a good option.
Q – What is the latest date that games could be played to qualify teams for state?
A – Tuesday, May 19, will be the final day for teams to qualify for state. Round 1 of state will be played on Saturday May 23, Round 2 on May 26 and then the finals May 29-30.

Q – What is the rescheduled date for State Dance/Drill?

A – May 15-16, 2020
Q - Will any team that had previously scored a 195 or higher during the regular season be qualified to compete at State?
A – Yes. 


Q – Will teams be allowed to play shortened games in an attempt to compete against more teams?

A – Yes.  Five (5) innings constitute a complete game according to the NFHS rules and would be a good option.
Q – What is the latest date that games could be played to qualify teams for state?
A – Sunday, May 24, will be the final day for teams to qualify for state.


Q – Can athletes participate in more than One match per day?

A – Yes, provided no more than 36 holes are played by the athlete/team.
Q – What is the latest date that contests could be played to qualify for state?
A – Friday, May 22, will be the final day for individuals/teams to qualify for state.


Q – Can athletes participate in more than three matches per day?

A – Yes, provided athletes do not participate in more than nine sets in a day.
Q – What is the latest date that contests could be played to qualify for state?
A – Sunday, May 24, will be the final day for individuals to qualify for state.


Q – If an athlete has competed on their own at invitationals during this shut down, will their marks count toward automatic qualifying standards?

A – No, qualifying standards will still need to be met during school sponsored meets.
Q – Can athletes participate in more than four events during meets to help in qualifying efforts?
A – No, athletes will be held to the maximum of four events per meet.
Q – What is the latest date that meets could be held to qualify teams for the state meet?
A – Sunday, May 24, will be the final day for qualifiers to be held.

(3/17/2020) 2-Minute Drill: Executive Director Mick Hoffman

(3/17/2020) Expectations for Return to Spring Sports

In this time of uncertainty, we at the WIAA wanted to do our best to keep you informed of our intentions and expectations regarding the spring sports season. What’s important to keep in mind is that, at the end of the day, the mission of the WIAA has always been to provide opportunities for students around the state to engage in a safe and enjoyable environment. That mission has never been more important than it is right now.

It’s a well-known and often-used phrase that all coaches try to instill in their athletes – “Control what you can control.” We are taking that wisdom into account and operating with the information that is available to us at this moment to plan for when we as educators can return to our athletic endeavors. WIAA staff have conferred with WIAA District Directors, gathered feedback from the WIAA Student Leadership Committee, and received countless emails from students and parents urging the WIAA to preserve the state championship experience if the opportunity allows. With schools currently scheduled to reopen after April 24, the WIAA will hold State Championship events as scheduled. Any further delays could put State Championships in jeopardy as no championships will be held after May 30 to avoid conflicts with graduation.

The blanket waiver to WIAA practice restrictions will allow for student-athletes to achieve 10 practices within five days. As an example, administrators could hold a schoolwide conditioning practice before classes and sport-specific practices in the afternoon as a way to reach 10 practices efficiently and safely. No matter the outcome of the following weeks, there will be no reduction to the minimum number of practices required to compete. Undoubtedly some creativity and imagination will be needed at the local level to make the most of a shortened season and to choose qualifying procedures that best apply to your league and district. Local control has been a hallmark of our Association and those regular season/qualifying decisions will need to be made by local leaders.

As part of that creative solution, we do recommend that schools and leagues organize a continuation of the regular season for schools that do not advance to State Championships. These games may be played through the end of State Championships on May 30. While nothing will be able to replace the time taken away from these students, especially seniors, providing more avenues to create lifelong memories with their teammates should be the ultimate goal.

In the meantime, the instruction from Governor Inslee and the OSPI has been to discontinue all organized contests and practices. The WIAA supports that mandate and no member schools should be competing or practicing at this time in an effort to keep everyone in our communities safe. We thank you all for not only keeping students safe but ensuring an equitable playing field for when we can return to action.

(3/12/2020) WIAA Postpones State Drama, Dance/Drill

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association announced Thursday that it will postpone the upcoming State Drama Festival and State Dance/Drill Championships until further notice. The State Drama festival was scheduled to take place March 19-21 at Western Washington University, while the State Dance/Drill Championships were to be held at the Yakima SunDome, March 27-28. This follows the announcement on March 7 that the WIAA State Individual Events Tournament and the State Debate Tournament would be postponed.

WIAA Staff has been working diligently with the Washington State Department of Health over the past several weeks and has used the guidance of experts in the health community to determine the best course of action regarding state championship events. Following the address of Governor Inslee on Wednesday, and the closing of numerous school districts around the state, the decision to postpone these events was made to ensure the safety of WIAA student-participants and their families.

With the WIAA spring sports season officially beginning on March 2, any regular season contests or practices are held at the discretion of each member school and school district. The Washington State Solo & Ensemble Contests (April 24-25) along with WIAA spring sports championships (May 23-30) are to remain as scheduled, however staff will continue to work with the Department of Health over the coming months to determine if any changes are necessary.

(3/12/2020) WIAA Postpones State Solo and Ensemble

Due to the closing of numerous schools around the state until the end of April, and with the safety of student-participants and their families in mind, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and the Washington Music Educators Association have made the decision to postpone the State Solo and Ensemble Contests until further notice. The event was scheduled to be held April 24-25 at Central Washington University.

The WIAA and WMEA are looking at potential rescheduling options for a later date and will keep membership apprised of information as it becomes available.

(3/7/2020) State Debate Postponed

The WIAA State Individual Events Tournament and the State Debate Tournament, originally scheduled to be held at the University of Puget Sound on March 14 and March 20-21, have been postponed. UPS has notified our staff that it will be rescheduling all events that might compromise resources needed to serve the health and safety of its campus community and visitors. The Washington State Forensics Association and WIAA Staff are working to reschedule the event. Schools will be notified of the rescheduled dates and location(s) when more information becomes available.

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