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Please use the following steps to register your team for the State Championships.

Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball (Fastpitch and Slowpitch) and Volleyball

Team Schedules & Scores (Arbiter):
  1. Schedules and scores will be automatically imported from Arbiter
  2. Login to ArbiterGame to verify schedule and score information
  3. Arbiter Resource Center
Team Roster and Photo Upload (MaxPreps):
  1. Team rosters and photos will be automatically imported from MaxPreps
  2. Login to MaxPreps
  3. Under AD Utilities, click "Manage Teams"
  4. Locate the sport you wish to modify, and on the right hand side, click "Manage"
  5. From the drop down menu, select "Varsity"
  6. Under Coach Admin, select "Login to Coach Admin"
  7. Team Photo Upload:
    1. On the right side of the team pagelocate the Mascot & Team Photo shaded box
    2. Click on the “Photo” button
    3. Click on "Choose File"
    4. Select the file you wish to upload and press "Submit" - NOTE: The file must be smaller than 5 MB
  8. Team Roster Upload
    1. On the team page, click "Rosters" on the top navigational tool bar
    2. Click on the "+ Athlete" green button to add an athlete
    3. To edit an athlete's information click on the yellow icon of a wrench.
    4. Update information as needed and click "Save"
  9. Please keep in mind that in takes approximately one hour for information to transfer from MaxPreps to MyWIAA once saved
Verify Your Pass Gate
  1. Login to MyWIAA
  2. Under MyTasks, select "Verify My Pass Gate"
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the sport you wish to edit and click "Display"
  4. Under the section titled "Coaches, Supervisors and Other Personnel," enter in the information for those who need to be on the Pass Gate list
  5. Verify that your roster and schedule/results are correct for the State Tournament program
  6. Save changes

Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Dance/Drill, Gymnastics, Swim & Dive, and Track & Field (no action needed for Wrestling)

Photo & Team Information Upload 
  1. Login to MyWIAA.
  2. Under MyTasks, select "Verify My Pass Gate"
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the sport/activity you wish to edit and click "Display"
  4. Cross Country, Swim & Dive and Track & Field Top Qualifiers:
    1. Please upload specific gender head shots under the correct sport and gender
    2. Do not upload both genders under the same sport (i.e. uploading boys + girls head shots for Cross Country – Boys)
    3. Under “Top Qualifiers and Photos,” type in all of the names of the student-athletes you wish to upload
    4. Once all the names are entered, click "Save"
    5. Click the upload button next to the first student-athlete listed
    6. Locate the file and then select "Upload"
    7. Click "Save" once all photos have been uploaded
    8. To verify, a diamond icon should appear next to the “Upload” button to indicate a picture has been uploaded
  5. Bowling, Cheerleading Dance/Drill and Gymnastics:
    1. Under “Team Members,” type in all of the names of the student-athletes you wish to upload
    2. Once all the names are entered, click "Save"
    3. Under "Team Photo" click "Choose File"
    4. Locate the team photo file on your computer and upload
    5. All photos must be in .JPG file format
    6. Return to the top of the page and click "Save"

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