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Fresh-Start Finances
April 2021

As the sun starts to come out and spring approaches, many of us carry on a spring cleaning tradition. However, while tidying up our living spaces is the usual, not many of us think about cleaning up our finances. Unlike that duffle bag from last week’s game that you’re dreading unpacking, it can be easy to overlook your spending or saving habits when they aren’t physically in front of you. Here’s a tip: While sorting through old clothes, knickknacks, and hidden treasures, think about trying to make some money by selling them instead of tossing them out. Amazon Marketplace, Poshmark, and local consignment stores just might purchase your unwanted goods. You can do some cleaning, make money, and start fresh this spring.

Looking for more ways to jump-start your spring cleaning? Check out this free article from our partners at GreenPath Financial on “Decluttering & Selling” to jump-start that spring cleaning!

Gesa Credit Union is deeply committed to financial education in the community. Seminars are available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are a member.  Gesa also offers free financial literacy materials and onsite workshops to high schools, colleges, clubs, businesses, and other groups. There is no cost for speakers or materials and each presentation can be tailored to suit the needs of your group or organization.

Celebrate National Financial Literacy Month with Gesa Credit Union as we host multiple FREE financial education webinars throughout April!  The calendar is full of financial education sessions that will:
  • Engage students during Spring Break with our Financial Reality Fair experiential learning program
  • Educate members with our budgeting and credit score webinars
  • Empower families with college-bound students to plan ahead for their college career
  • Assist members with protecting their loved ones from financial vulnerability
  • Provide sessions in partnership with Junior Achievement of Washington (JA)
See the full webinar listing below and learn how you can sign up today.

Registration Instructions: These sessions will be facilitated live via Zoom. Please complete the registration process to receive the Zoom login credential information and further instructions in your RSVP confirmation email. For questions about the registration process, email seminars@gesa.com.
Understanding Credit Scores

Description: A good credit score can save you money and make life easier -- but poor credit can do the opposite! Understanding what impacts your credit score is key to achieving healthy credit. This seminar will walk participants through the five major credit score contributors and provide tips to improve and/or sustain your credit.

Date & Time: Thursday, April 15 @ 6:00pm  REGISTER

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Financial Vulnerability

Description: Financial exploitation is one of the most prevalent forms of fraud experienced by elderly and other vulnerable adults. This session will empower participants to protect their loved ones from financial exploitation by exploring common fraud schemes, discussing warning signs, and reviewing additional fraud prevention resources.

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 21 @ 12:00pm  REGISTER

Planning Ahead for Your College Career

Description: In this webinar, Dr. Quadrel of Sage College Prep Services will describe how to build a semester-by-semester plan for high school students and families to maximize their opportunities to successfully enroll in the college of their choice.

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 21 @ 6:00pm  REGISTER

Establishing & Sticking to a Budget

Description: Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went! In this seminar, participants will explore the process of assessing their finances to create a realistic budget customized to meet their individual needs.

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 28 @ 6:00pm  REGISTER

Personal Finance Webinar
The JA Personal Finance webinar allows attendees to experience the relationship between today’s financial decisions and future financial freedom. To achieve financial health and wellness, they learn about money-management strategies, including earning, employment and income, budgeting, savings, credit and debt, consumer protection, smart shopping, risk management, and investing. Attendees will also explore how their decisions can affect other people they have relationships with and practice using healthy behaviors to discuss shared financial decisions. At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to demonstrate that their personal finances affect their quality of life. They will understand how their financial choices will be the basis of how they get what they want and need.
Dates and Time: Thursday, April 22 @ 4:00pm-6:00pm  REGISTER
All About Cars Webinar
Description: Participants will begin to consider their needs and wants for their first automobile. They will complete a self-assessment to identify factors that could affect their car choices and then prioritize their needs and wants. Attendees will learn about different ways to pay for a car and compare the costs of buying versus leasing. Participants will decide whether buying or leasing a car is the best option for them, and they will search for cars that meet their needs and budget.

Date & Time: Thursday, April 29 @ 4:30pm-5:30pm  REGISTER

“Paying for College” (January 2021)
Learn what drives college costs, what families typically pay, review Gesa scholarship opportunities, and discuss available financial aid options to help cover college costs.

“Assembling a Successful Application”
(December 2020)
Review a timeline for developing the four key elements of your college admissions packet: course transcripts, standardized testing results, admissions essays, and a description of extracurricular activities.

“Planning Ahead for Your College Career” (December 2020)
Learn how to build a semester-by-semester plan for high school students and families to maximize their opportunities to successfully enroll in the college of their choice.

“Preparing for College Admissions During COVID-19” (April 2020)
Valuable information for families navigating the college admissions process during COVID-19.

“Fighting Today's Fraud” (April 2020)
Valuable tips to help protect yourself from fraud.
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