Good nutrition is essential for optimal athletic performance. This Sports Nutrition Manual for High School Athletes covers a variety of valuable information coaches can use to help student athletes get the most out of their game or work out and how to recover afterwards. Remember, if you aren't fueling your best, you aren't going to play your best!


Refueling after a workout is vital.

Research has shown that consuming chocolate milk after exercise or sports performance is a terrific way to replenish some important nutrients our bodies need for recovery — carbohydrates, protein, fluids, and electrolytes!


When you exercise, your body loses water through sweat. Athletes drink chocolate milk as a delicious way to rebuild muscles, recharge, and rehydrate. It is a good source of three electrolytes important for staying hydrated: calcium, magnesium, and potassium – all nutrients you lose during exercise.

Carbohydrates provide your body with a supply of glucose, which is your body’s primary fuel source. Glucose is converted to glycogen, which is stored in your muscles. The added sugar in chocolate milk helps achieve the perfect 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio to help recharge your energy and muscles.
Protein is made from amino acids that act like building blocks for your body. Consuming protein after a workout helps give your muscles the amino acids necessary to rebuild and repair. Repetitive movements from jumping, jogging and other forms of exercise can break down muscle cells. Consuming protein helps build them back bigger and stronger.

Homemade Acai Bowl

The berry acai comes to us from the Amazon region, where native palm trees produce the purple fruit, and is pronounced ah-si-ee. You should find them in the freezer aisle.

Soy Slaw

A mix of crunchy veggies, nutritious dairy, and flavorful spices in this easy to make Asian-inspired slaw recipe. A delicious addition to tacos, as a side dish, or by itself!.

Yogurt Fruit Dip

This creamy, easy dip is a tasty way to add in protein. Topping with lemon zest adds more flavor and uses more of the fruit. All you need now is something to dip into it!

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