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The change in penalty for ejections involving violent conduct and abusive language is to deter behavior being exhibited during boys’ soccer matches.  This change is meant to deal with the actions of the players. It was not intended to put a spotlight on the officials or the rules of the game.  In order to effectively implement the new policy, we are asking that officials continue to call the game in the manner they have been.  The definitions of violent conduct and abusive language per the NFHS rules book and input from WIAA staff and clinicians are as follows:

Violent Conduct:

  • "The commission of a violent act against an opponent, an official, a spectator, teammate or other individuals when the ball is in or out of play."
  • A player is guilty of violent conduct if he/she uses excessive force or brutality against an opponent when not challenging for the ball.
  • He/she is also guilty of violent conduct if he/she uses excessive force or brutality against a team-mate, spectator, match official or any other person.
  • Violent conduct may occur either on the field of play or outside its boundaries, whether the ball is in play or not.

Abusive Language:

  • Abusive language or profanity directed towards another individual (opponent, referee, spectator or teammate).
    Note: Incidental use of vulgar or profane language should result in a caution (yellow card) as per NFHS rule 12-8-1d.
  • The determination as to whether or not foul language is an ejection, or incidental resulting in a caution is left to the judgment of the official.

Effective Fall of 2012:

  • An athlete or coach that receives a red card for Violent Conduct or Abusive Language receives a three game suspension.
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